PAD Challenge Day 30: TimePiece

PAD Challenge Day 30: Write a moving on poem.


If I was time,
I'd move the
way it moves.

Digitally and
circular motion
I'd groove
through the
days of your lives.

You'll look up,
see me in a
different zone
or gone.

Wasted or not,
I'd still be precious
to your God given
sunrises and sunsets,
the sweetest taste
between your dear
life and death.

Keep you
thinking of me.

Keep you wishing 
you could turn 
my hands back 
for another time.

Keep you wanting
synchronization in all
of your daily intervals.

Keep you arranging
your life around my
ticks and my tocks.

Keep you watching
me until the day
you cherish me
for all the times I'd
passionately extended
my seconds for
a few minutes
just to donate
hours for you
to excuse yourself
from ole' past times
and grow with me.

Or will you assemble
more excuses
in this present time?

knowing that
I can run out on you,
without you ever
counting on me again.



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