PAD Challenge Day 4: In the Flesh


PAD Challenge Day 4: Write a catch-up poem.


In the Flesh

Short-term or long-term,

without a Really Simple Syndication,

I rather circle my eyes happily

around my circle of 

family and friends in the flesh.


I prefer walking in faith,

electric sliding,

skipping with joy 

and clicking my heels

beside you then to Follow.


Because touchscreens

disable me from hugging you.

Though a picture is worth more than a thousand words,

I can’t smell you or depict your true colors.


A quick



                            and a little Care

are not comparable to 




Breaking bread,

laughing out loud,


lending a shoulder, 


listening without judgement, 


sharing crocodile tears,


                    Adding another bone to our ancestral backbone,


                                                                                                        Being aLIVE together,

                                                                                                               Being really real without a REEL,


Storytelling without our STORIES disappearing overnight.








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