PAD Challenge Day 8: Unknown Discovery

PAD Challenge Day 8: Write a what they never tell you poem.

 Unknown Discovery

Nobody told us what life would really be like.

We just have to grow through it-

Carry on and get carried away with

what days and circumstances

that we are blessed with.

We have to accept family structures,

their bags and generational curses

that may come with it.

That’s until we know how to swallow

the shallow of hopelessness

to fertilize our strength enough

to discard all baggage and

cut loose ties and ends of

all curses so the future can

crop and paste themselves securely

into a new picture of hopefulness.


Nobody told us what love would be like.

When will someone every 

find the courage to say, "fairy tales are not fair"?

Love is only as sweet as a baby’s first breath

but has chances to be sour as a motherfucker.

We really have to really fall in it-

let it in, let loose, and let go

of ourselves to understand

the true depths of

what looks like a simple four-letter word.


Nobody told us about how

sacrifices and suffering

 can sometimes-at-times

seize our souls,

stretch our faith,

leave our beliefs running thin,

make us wanna surrender

what we have left,

and try to forget before

retrying until we rebuilt our backbone

and thicken our epidermis-

all while learning that resilience

and endurance conquers

pain, emotions, disappointments, and grief.


Nobody told us about how

free happiness and joy really is.

We have to go window shopping

with our souls just to look back

into our own eyes to see

the only option that

can generate it.


Nobody never really told us

about this because we really

have to live through it ourselves.




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