PAD Challenge Day 22: To Whom It May Concern

PAD Challenge Day 22: Write a correspondence poem.
To Whom It May Concern
To you dearly, from me sincerely, thismaybe a blind copy and a carbon copy. One will see it all. Others won’t see what one does.
Either way, one of us got receipts for this open letter of validity. Hopefully. One day. We will all get the message. We will feel the vibe. We will see the change. It will be easy for some. It will be harder for others. And if we you don’t have it; you’ll get it sooner or later.
Just know, we all must know and pay attention to ATTN and the subject line. There will come a time when we will get it from someone else first or be shut out by the rest, completely like nothing really happened.
Now, we know, things do fall apart. People do grow apart. Words do have meanings. It’s not always their definitions

PAD Challenge Day 21: Sketched Lovers

PAD Challenge Day 21: Write a sketch poem. 
Sketched Lovers

At the edge of a canary sticky note,
our stick figure bodies ran up a narrow hillin a define line. At the end of God's rainbow,
we bird-watched and canoodled between butterflies, dandelions, bees and roses.
Under a maple tree, and a slow setting sun,
we took turns carving our names along the bark with an N in the middle, and a 4 and Ever below.
It only took a ballpoint pen to chaseaway our imaginary clear blue skies.
For seconds,

PAD Challenge Day 20: You, After Dark

PAD Challenge Day 20: Write a dark poem
You, After Dark
Before the moon and the stars kiss my blackness, the dark sky covers me with angel shadows of you.
In honor of your footsteps, I face them all with pillar candles.
I imagine that this exchange of heat is the warmth of your breath, hug, and hand next to my mourning flesh.
Every flicker is your butterfly kisses reborn again on my porcelain, facial skin.
From you, every dancing flame is a contemporary solo dedicated to me.
The heavenly scent, is the God's forgiven aroma, that I humbly and patiently prepare for--because, like you, it lingers then disappear after dark.


PAD Challenge Day 19: Write the Damn Poem

PAD Challenge Day 19: Write a license poem.
Write the Damn Poem
Welcome, come on in.  Have a seat. I don’t need to  see your poetry I.D. You don’t have to register. I don’t need your social security number or your phone number either. There are no vouchers or codes to uphold. Lit always guarantee peace to your mind, body, and soul.
Oh no, please, no proof of attendance, diplomas, degrees or recommendations. No special entitlements or privileges for permission. No background check, passport or security clearance to enter the jurisdictions of stanza. This is free property without a sitting fee or a fine. Believe “In God We Trust- you’ll be fine.
See, poetry only charge the soul for the exact change.
Here, take a loose leaf or composition book. It doesn’t matter if its college or wide rule, blank, stationery, or a recycle sheet.
Hell, you can use a napkin or the wall Or any other writing platform that you can find.
Here, take a pen too. Or any type of writing utensil. Nothing fancy but it must be smooth, O…

PAD Challenge Day 18: Little Boys and Girls

PAD Challenge Day 18: Take the phrase “Little (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem.
Little Boys and Girls
All little boys and girls need is more exposure to the purest hearts; Shelter from rainy days and window pain; Full, undivided ears starving for their little subtle feelings and fears; A sweet little introduction to God, prayer, and a dream; Egos set-aside for their desires and pride; Whole truths, halves of someone’s success and a quarter of their endeavors; Enlightenment about mistakes, trial and errors; A little parade of empathy; Life cycles of respect, independence and stability; Sturdier roots to rest their fruits on; Clearer directions to the route of high self-esteem, individuality and liberation; Well defined nouns, adjectives, and verbs relating to love; and a little more realistic HE-roes and SHE-roes to protect their minds from manipulation and mental anguish; their bodies from malnourishment, exploita…

PAD Challenge Day 17: Unapologetically Black

PAD Challenge Day 17: Write a reason poem
Unapologetically Black
Please, ask me why, one more reason why, “Why are you proud to be Black and Proud?” Do you not remember? Or is that, you don’t care to remember why? The history. The shame. The disgrace. Put upon this race. Because I can sweep off the rug and recall history- the greatest American history of all times, that can run-and-tell it all…to all like a Final Call. I know, you know what I know. Those years, ahead of our time, that I can consciously and emotionally define while you subconsciously just think today’s, today is just fine.
Nah… My DNA is still conflicted and restricted. The anguish and pain of my ancestors still hurt our genes. The separation and stripped down from the Motherland’s sweetest soil, honey, and milk got us all deprived…… it has bruised my generational kin and skin, bruised it blacker than the berries that it taste sweeter than.