PAD Challenge Day 30: Hallelujah!

PAD Challenge Day 30: Write a praise poem.
For all my salvation and glory, If I had to speak one word for the rest of my life, Hallelujah! is what I would sing.
If I could not speak in tongue, I would spell it out midair with my hands. then mime dance psalms and proverbs with grace.
If I could not lift my hands, I would illuminate this little light of mine, let it bask then rise and shine like the son.
If I could not bow or kneel, I would walk with faith, gradually skip until I leap with joy.


PAD Challenge Day 29: Total No. of Blacks

PAD Challenge Day 29: Write a total (blank) poem.
Total No. of Blacks
Tell me, How many blacks are well and alive in America, right now? How many made it into 2020? Go ahead, give me your best count by your ones or twos. By any means necessary, please exclude the three-fifths compromise.
Go ahead, count away, do not forget the ones standing next to you too! I know, you do not know them, but count them anyway. Just in case the Census 2020 forget. The qualitative and quantitative research studies exclude them. The white scientist, doctor, mathematician, statistician, news, politicians, teachers, leadership, and institutions forget them after they take their position.
Go ahead. Count them out, while they are still alive, right now. While you are adding up, please, do not question our existence or add our education, social class, and insurance by the shade of our skin. ‘Cause looking at Crayola, we are not really black. We come in different shades. But we are counted as one under the breathing, teary …

PAD Challenge Day 28: "Badonkadonk" and "Rearview"

PAD Challenge Day 28:

Two Haikus for Tuesday: 1)Write a look back poem. 2)Write a don’t look back poem.
You can’t help but look back as it jiggles while my motherland hips rock.
I have seen your calls, Read your texts and emails. How sweet, but you’re too late.

PAD Challenge Day 27: Transformation Tuesday

PAD Challenge Day 27: Write a massive poem.
Transformation Tuesday
Right now, I got the urge to active my physical activity, beat my genes in the gym. But, temporarily, gym has closed his doors on me.

I tell myself:

NO EXCUSE! No Excuse! no excuse!
Throw a hoodie on like your daddy-
sweat it out like how he used to
during his younger days of training. Walk in social distance,
Remember, he left you his dog, 
so you're really not walking alone. Or stay-at-home, 
put on a song, dance like nobody is watching. Your Tuesday will come. You will step on a scale weighing fifty percent less than what you weigh now. Give yourself time, a reasonable, sustainable, and healthy diet to go along with your 
business schedule and work out plan. Do not worry, you will not change. Your beautiful internal is eternal. Plus, this massive weight loss is only to prevent the occurrence of underlying complications that could position a black woman like you at the top of more risks. You wanna keep your numbers in range, right…

PAD Challenge Day 26: Evolution

PAD Challenge Day 26: Write a change poem.

I was not born by the river like Sam Cooke. Contently, I swam in mother’s womb; Stayed in 7 days late, did a 360 before I naturally broke out. Still, I see no changes like 2 Pac. Minds....plasmas...hearts still running, behind time on wheels of hope with a little prayer that a change is gonna come. Maybe the alchemical symbols will signify us like the sun. Maybe one day, racists will
get a raise in common sense  not just cents and percents. Maybe one night, 
my people will sleep in peace knowing a phoenix is waiting outside. And a black butterfly will 
make them believe, 
not make-believe, that we are coons in political cocoons. Maybe a moon will be lit, in memory of our ancestors, illustrating the phases of why we are still young, gifted, and black. Maybe the mathematical formulas for 
inequality, injustice and inequity will subtract blacks, just to add us back to the sum of civilization. Maybe we'll all function without derivatives and differenti…

PAD Challenge Day 25: Ctrl + Alt + Del – A Nonet Remix

PAD Challenge Day 25: Take one or more of your poems and write a remix poem.
Ctrl + Alt + Del – A Nonet Remix
Pinky promise, I’m not trying to ctrl, alter, or delete you from my life. We know, no one can backspace, end, shift, or esc love without an insert to the heart by true love first.
Footnote: I remixed poem Ctrl +Alt + Del from PAD Challenge Day 11 into a nonet poem. :-) 

PAD Challenge Day 24: The Nature of You

PAD Challenge Day 24: Write a nature.
The Nature of You
in the morning, under the light of the sun, you let me be a hummingbird.
in the afternoon, a gift of internal peace.
at night, a magical owl  under the moonlight.
and forever, i’ll heart the nature of you, for being the same through  all four seasons;

a sequoia, one that I love planting my soul by, and watering on the regular between thick blue sheets.