PAD Challenge 22: Poetry

Day 22: Write a fable poem.
Poetry won’t let the poet be/ It whispers/don’t lie me down/ where no one can’t even speak of me
Inscribe me to stanzas for voice to rehearse/ Let I ignite the epitome of your soul/ from verse to verse
Don’t hide me in lines/ dying to beat a meter and rhythm/ Let my rhyme schemes/scheme/ while my imagery paint a visual scene
Unfurl your joy and pain for free/ Dance with me off the rivers of your tongue/ Release immerse artistry/ distress/ and mystery

PAD Challenge Day 21: Pencil 2 Pen

Day 21: Pick an object (any object), make it the title of your poem, and then write your poem. 
Pencil 2 Pen
I use to love a No. 2— until it became a pain in
the butt to keep sharpen.
So, I dumped it for
a mechanical one.
Oh, the sound of the click
and it's smooth tip--- 
was always my BIC (Best Interest in Creating):
fiction and non-fiction,
rhymes and stowing rhythm
with imagery in between stanzas,
lyrics over musical notes,
stick figures with callout bubbles
above their heads,
whole, solid hearts between my name
and my lover’s with “4 Ever” at the end,
plots and blocks for goals
and sketches of dreams
with asterisks
beside the ones I achieved.

Then, Crayola’s rainbow caught my eye. I could color pencil in my personality,
abstract my similes and metaphors and
shade my world of black and white
into a kaleidoscope with symbols
of love, peace, and smiley emojis.
But none of them last longer
than a Brooks Brothers or a Pilot G,
my true Paper Mates,
my write or die,
until inks do us apart.

PAD Challenge Day 20: Out of Bed

Day 20: Write a task poem.

Out of Bed
I gotta do a lot of things today. I gotta a lot of things cartwheeling
and jump roping through my mind.
I gotta bend to pray and jump for joy while
watching the sun peek through the clouds
as I lift my window to listen to the birds sing me a song,
and the wind walk against my bronze skin.
I gotta wash my face. Brush my teeth.
I gotta warm the kettle.
Cut the lemon.
Stir the raw berry honey.
Scoop it twice into my vanilla chamomile tea.
I gotta spread brown sugar cream cheese on my  grain bagel.
Make my strawberries and bananas fruit cup. I gotta log on to see today’s poetry prompt.
I gotta check the morning news.
I gotta find words of inspiration
after hearing the world's morning blues.
I gotta shower, get dress, and redo my halo twist.
I gotta seal my skin with cocoa butter and matte my soft lips.
I gotta blow me a kiss. Hell, I may even take a selfie.
I gotta grab my flash drive.
I gotta grab my agenda and check my Google Calendar.
I gotta grab my umb…

PAD Challenge Day 19: In Loving Memory II

Day 19: Write a memory poem.

In Loving Memory II

They only talk about you in February.
28 days is not enough for me. I celebrate Juneteenth every day with Fredrick Douglas’ struggle and progress stamped to my soul.
Every time I want to make a quick left or right, I think of Garret Morgan.
Every time I join hands with all mankind and sing peace, King's dream awakes like a reborn, concrete rose.
Every time I sit-in a restaurant, I really owe C.O.R.E my gratuity and southern hospitality.
Every time I march for equality, justice, and peace; the NAACP and Black Lives Matter stand like steel magnolias, revolutionizing minds like X and spiritually encouraging souls like old negro hymns while televising the truth.
In doctoral regalia— let me twirl and honor Dr. Ruth Ella Moore. When I witness a medical intervention, let me dedicate my award to Dr. Patricia Bath.
In every moment of being a woman, I'll say, “I'm a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's …

PAD Challenge Day 18: "Circa 1986 and Beyond" and "before i die"

Day 18: Two prompts for Twosday: Prompt 1: Write a life poem. Prompt 2: Write a death poem.

Circa 1986 and Beyond

Thirty-one years is a long time to:
be born and reborn again,
be alive,
see miracles fly
around and within,
see a lover love and leave,
see a hater cheat and deceive,
fall on knees in misery just
to rise through prayer,
be captive in dreams,
while surviving a chain of nightmares,
break apart the make-believe just
to match-up with reality,
separate self from the common
for a more perfect union in self,
color in my soul with
little pieces of heaven’s hues,
sing a little less blue
and dance a little more yellow,
smile in the windows of my tears,
outcry the elevation of my pain,
pause my life’s lyrics just
to perform against the beat of my heart,
forgive as I’ve been forgiven,
forget what needs to be forgotten,
give up insecurities
just to bud from courage,
try and try again,
win and lose,
lose then win,
wait for love and
to want for love
while in the need of love again,
get lost in self just
to be…

PAD Challenge 17: Black Swan


PAD Challenge Day 16: Systems of all Systems