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A Short Random Thought: Knowing of vs. Knowing

Knowing of vs. Knowing   The woman or man that you meet---study, learn, and examine them to understand: Where do they come from? Where are they going? What is their background? What are their desires? Goals? Aspirations? Regrets? Secrets? Mistakes? Likes? Dislikes? Wants? Needs? What inspires them? Who inspires them? What makes them happy? Sad? Take notes of their actions. Moods. Whether they are: Alone. With people. With you. Consider their relationships with their parents, friends, social groups, and occupation? Consider their relationship with children---own or another’s? How do they care, respond, and/or treat that person? These actions will perhaps be the same for you or what you bestow upon them/others. The point: know someone by spirit not by name, status, class, size, color, or affiliation. Knowing them beyond the width of their soul proves that their spirit speaks louder than tongue.   D’elegantOne

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part VII (Finale)

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part VII (Finale) As I remove the cotton square from my lap, I grew anxious to lick my lips. After all of my consumptions, each crumb and sip should be caved in remembrance of all comfort in each seasoning and serving from the 40 Day Revival feast. At my lips, a piece of prayer shall forever reside. I love every bite that I tasted, shared, or saved for snacking in the late or lonely hour. So, how is my spirit? Completely satisfied. We must never run empty on faith. And to never forget to share what feeds us. And definitely, never bite the hand that provides because maybe someone else is spiritually hungry or just thirsty too. We never know until we open our spirits and share the real “real” of us. As we all know, it is better to give than to receive. And, of course, there will be few to love fully and few to love partially. There will always be someone that will love you more, support you more, care for you more, than another person---no matter the le

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part VI

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part VI   Am I full? I’m satisfied. Hold on! Slowly, piece by piece, my soul has to marinate on these supplements being digested. And God knows this loaf was one worth nibbling on and to share. What do you think? How's your taste? And this meal is not even quite done yet……….. The newest action points/thoughts ( Hint: We still have to create more room for: Growth. Self. Love. ) Day 32 (August 18 th ): What needs are you facing in life? Are you able to identify God’s promise? If so, relate those to your needs and remind yourself to use them as a sword against wickedness. ( Don’t we all have a battle? The worst battles are the ones that others create or maybe we allow them to create or self  creates them. Hmmm? Good thought. ) Day 33 (August 19 th ): What does Christ teach you? Has taught? Still teaching? About the just and unjust? Then think about how God answer them. Repays them. Day 34 (August 20 th ) : Create a list of all spiritua

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part V

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part V God knows I was thirsty to death, but the senses of my spirit never fail me. Forgiveness always pour a cool cup of love. I am no whole without one-fourth of: faith, joy, peace, and grace. And with these fluids of life--- I shall remain balanced and only concentrated in volumes of prayer minus the dilutions of destructions. The newest action points/thoughts ( Hint: “I” is still no longer allowed here. We know how to love. We just have to: Restore it.   Receive it. Relive it .): Day 25 (August 11 th ): List the prodigals in your personal sphere. Are those close to you praying often? Try to find those that demonstrate God’s love in their daily lives. Day 26 (August 12 th ): Take a moment to thank those that associate themselves with positivity around you, from your church and school communities to your family, friends, and co-workers. Do something special for them to show your appreciation. Day 27 (August 13 th ): Read 1 Corinthian

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part IV

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part IV So, how full did I become or was I honestly full before? For sure, I crave a piece of peace after sampling the three main courses of forgiveness: God ---> Self--->Others. This piece consists of no restrictions, for anything or anyone. The sweetest indulgence includes: 1.       Taking turns in turning towards challenges by recognizing them and acting upon them without surrendering: Strength. Self. Spirit. 2.       Love God above all things and everyone. 3.       Be more of a doer than a hearer of virtuous words. The latest action points/thoughts (Hint: “I” is no longer allowed here. We learn how to love, who to love, and how to approach and evaluate the people that imitate love in our lives.): Day 18 (August 4 th ): Invest your time in Bible study. Find groups that lift/share your spirit, leadership skills, and lifestyle. Avoid busyness that will keep you from an introspective living. Day 19 (August 5 th ): Ask God to

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part III

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part III It has officially been 3 weeks since I began the 40 Days Personal Revival  submitted anonymously. To me, each day birth a new constituent of virtue---some which I have consumed before or thought possibly tasting more of. Either way, I no longer question the welfare of my spirit. Not that we should, but hey others tend to do so! I believe it is much of your choice as it is mine to observe and be conscious of the soul underneath flesh. And by chance, know your exact level of fruitfulness and temptations whether it is chewed, leftover, or parceled. I am aware of soul selections and portions chosen to quench my hunger or thirst. Now, the central factor is how should each "bite or sip" be served? Daily. Nightly. In singles. In pairs. On time. On delay. And by whom? Below are the latest lucky 7 action points/thoughts: Day 11 (July 28 th ): Thank God for being faithful when you have been unfaithful. Day 12 (July 29 th ): Read Matth

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part II

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part  II So here we go again, new action points delivered via email extracted from the 40 Days of Personal Revival . The methodology of these action points is thoughtful and evoking. Day 6 (July 23 rd ): Establish a prayer partnership and begin talking and praying together regularly. Day 7 (July 24 th ): Recognize that corporate revival follows individual revival. Ask God to strengthen your attitude and correct your heart. Day 8 (July 25 th ): Acknowledge your need of humility. Physically bow down to the ground and pray. Day 9 (July 26 th ): Write or type your number of sins against yourself and God. Find any wicked ways and ask him to forgive you. Day 10 (July 27 th ): Burn, toss out, or tear up your list of sins. Start anew and ask God for strength to keep them away. I began to sit and ponder. I even reviewed the various types of sins and addressed each category I know I have committed (with or without knowledge of) or witnessed. The

Spiritually hungry or thirsty?

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? An email for improvement has arrived. Improvement in what? For what? From whom? I thought. What could I possibly know about “self” that required improvement. On the other hand, enhancement is always necessary. To my knowledge, I could not comprehend, but I also could not ignore. Then I read beyond the subject line , 40 Days of Personal Revival . I began to simplify this subject like a new word discovered in Oxford or Webster, 40 Days-of Personal-Revival. Then I reminisced. I referenced. I recorded.  40 Days: ·          Noah’s Days (it rained 40 days and 40 nights) ·          Moses was with God for 40 days, then again for another 40 days. ·          God allowed the land to rest for 40 days. ·          Elijah had one meal that gave him strength for 40 days. ·          Nineveh was given 40 days to repent. ·          Jesus was tempted 40 days, fasted 40 days/nights, and remained on earth for 40 days after resurrection. Let’s not


Birthstone   I am from a city of pain, Where few fathers neglect their daughters. Broken sons are often slaughtered. I am from the “All American City”. A home, somewhat quite bold and witty, Centers a market house that stocked and sold slaves, 82 nd Airborne, salute to the “Home of the Brave”! History of indigenous cultures steered And speared by the rear of Cape Fear. Best interest? In spring, honeysuckles and dogwoods, Plant fresh scent of precious moments of my childhood. I am little gardenia in queue, Raised on Gardenia Avenue. Streets over, eyes squint and zoom Before I enter my pink and white bedroom, Drugs sold and women occasionally auction their souls. "Don’t leave without permission and be careful", Momma always told.   I am a pinched carat straight out of coal, In between hidden smiles and tortured souls, That barely diffuse “Thank You”--- For the city’s daily troubles and midnight blues. I am from a legacy of struggle. Where doubt