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Happy International Day of Peace!

Peace World Peace girl, didn’t Frankie Valli and The Four Season say, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Peace boy, remember 2Pac said “Keep ya head up” to the sky PEACE world, let joy multiply. May all hail peace before all Hell go bustin’ loose Breaking peace into piece Causing confusion and delusion In the spirit of Every nation, every child Mother father lover Sister brother Every president and resident Official and affiliate Over every Seeker reaper keeper Down to every thinker dreamer teacher Up to every Loser and winner saint and sinner PEACE world peace don’t be still ya here? Tame the beast; Claim the beauty Cure the wicked; secure the good hey peace world hey, Don’t be still ya here? MOVE around the clout clean out the doubt MOVE Through the crowds Tell the tongues to take a vow MOVE Gather a billon lips; sing and shout peace real loud MOVE Lift every soul; let it sprout peace proud MOVE Without letting animosity weigh you down.