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This Is Me, This Is Who I am

The girl that smiles at every sunrise, Writes before and after every sunset, Daydream under the moonlight, And beyond all clouds and stars. The girl who loves love, Fear hate, Thinks of the world first, And herself last. The girl who is stimulated by sweet rhymes between stanzas, Cappuccinos, Butterflies, The lights of Paris , The essence of Motherland The accents of French and Arabic, Different shades of purple, Confident walking and intelligent gentlemen, Fresh fragrances, Sunflowers, And White roses. The girl who have love affairs with music, Is engaged to nature, Adore learning and observing art and photography For an eye full of beauty And a mental frame of What life really is and looks like. The girl who’s face reflects her Great-great grandmother’s, Soul reflects her Nana’s, Beauty and brains of her Mother’s, And urban style and egoism of her Father’s The girl who is extra plump With a melodic voice, And a phenomenal mind. Soft

The Intermission of Development: Butterfly Ways

        I thought of putting it down forever. The ink. The lead. Forever. Forever, I thought about not writing again. But I can’t stop. It is my niche. A home beyond comfort and solitude. My first love. My passion. My high. My pride. My freedom. How can I let go when my heart and my mind goes on? And the good thoughts keep coming along until I run out of paper… Then I thought…I thought…….. I thought of how each word painted my essence. I thought of how each word spoke my mind out loud to the world, for the world to understand me as: A black woman. An African-American. A legacy. A sister. A daughter. A friend. A lover. A fighter. A teacher. A student. A leader. A survivor. A queen. A dreamer. These words made me into the woman I am today. They built me. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am phenomenal because of the ink, the lead, the paper, a million good thoughts, and the mentality my creator birth me with. I've notice what I've became. And I am already acknowledg

I'm A Growing Woman Intro

Welcome Readers, It is not an easy transition into a grown woman from a girl. But I manage. I’m succeeding my womanhood, individuality, and essence to make the best of what I call “my life”.   Everything is everything. I am everything but a lot of things are not me.   No, I am not the most perfect person in the world but I know who is: God.   Sometimes I seem to think that I am too much of a woman. Why? Because I bare and yield all good fruit that humanity should feed from, but not all human beings aim for the fresh, sweet fruit. I have yet to find the match to my peach. I can live without the superficial, and only require what’s deeply real I’m no short talker, but more of a big dreamer. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I live by it; my words are heavily bonded to my heart….. I’m much of a lover with a substantial heart--- a heart that is teaching me to be kind, patient, and loving all over again----every day. At times, I think I need a new one, because I love so deep.