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Happy International Day of Peace!

Peace World
Peace girl, didn’t Frankie Valli and The Four Season say, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”.
Peace boy, remember 2Pac
said “Keep ya head up” to the sky
PEACE world, let joy multiply.

May all hail peace before all Hell go bustin’ loose
Breaking peace into piece
Causing confusion and delusion
In the spirit of
Every nation, every child
Mother father lover
Sister brother
Every president and resident
Official and affiliate
Over every
Seeker reaper keeper
Down to every
thinker dreamer teacher
Up to every
Loser and winner
saint and sinner

PEACE world peace don’t be still
ya here?

Tame the beast;
Claim the beauty
Cure the wicked;
secure the good

hey peace world hey, Don’t be still
ya here?

MOVE around the clout
clean out the doubt
Through the crowds
Tell the tongues to take a vow
Gather a billon lips; sing
and shout peace real loud
Lift every soul; let it sprout peace proud
Without letting animosity weigh you down.


PAD Challenge Day 30: P.M. (Poem Meridiem)

PAD Challenge Day 30: Write a closing time poem.
P.M. (Poem Meridiem)
there is no final hour no shortage of pages there is no closure for black lyrics and I this is a lifetime “Con Te Partiro" with no whispering orchestra no choir mothering and fathering harmony no distance intervals waiting for the arrival of a fat lady to sing these verses come from the crevices of black bloody bones dismantling ungifted cycles these are gospel hymns that’ll never meet the top ten these are answered prayers rejoicing total praise with warm finger snaps, rounds of applause for the truth written boldly without a dare, a screeching glory, an uncertain Amen or a mumbling hallelujah these are side-by-side alphabet lovers walking page to page by faith these are syllables of grace taking the wheel of change to resurrect a discounted soul with no byline or necessary accolade in mind just pure joy riding shot gun through every beat per minute carefully around all life’s mountains and low-key valleys where the opened in…

PAD Challenge Day 29: The Variation of Dreams

PAD Challenge Day 29: Write a response poem.
The Variation of Dreams (after Langston Hughes’ Dreams)
Dreams are life Dreams are lungs breathing air twice
Dreams are songs you want to sing out loud Dreams are black skin wearing freedom proud
Dreams will make you cry Dreams will make you ask a million questions “why”
Dreams will make you sore Dreams will burn your fingers down to the core
Dreams will have the world laughing at you Dreams will have the world throwing cash at you
Dreams can be sabotaged Dreams can be camouflaged
Dreams can be manipulated Dreams can be stimulated
Dreams can just be a daydream Dreams can calculate a new mean
Dreams will never be, if you never be, The dreamer beyond the dreaming scene
D'Elegant One

PAD Challenge Day 28: Never-ending Wave

PAD Challenge Day 28: Take the phrase “(blank) Wave,” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem.

Never-ending Wave

Heavenly born legacies;
Flowers with ancestral souls
Shifting a pastime of struggles
to triumph;
Seeking future with
every blink of an eye;
Practicing freedom with
every precious breath,
persistently growing to be
a new never-ending wave.

D'Elegant One

PAD Challenge Day 27: He Said, She Said

PAD Challenge Day 27: Write a story poem.

He Said, She Said He said when I’m not there,
his king sheets become ice cold
he feels black and blue all through his soul
his plate of insecurities eats him up, day and night
his temporary desires drinks him out of his pockets
He said ever since I cut him off
his common sense ain’t been right
he said sorry to press you only when
I’m sick and distressed
I know I’m a man in some ugly-pretty mess
I know we both want soulmates like
Nicholas Sparks’ Notebook
and Brown Sugar’s Sidney and Dre
I know we shared our pain
I know we shared our dreams
I know we shared Friday nights lights
and Saturday mornings like it was the end of our time
I know I’m still defining the man in me.
I know your still trying to trust and unravel your heart
again, after he broke it without reasons.
He said I know- I know,
I only call and text at my leisure
Invite you to dine, sip wine,
And share my music with me,
listen to your poetry, then I disappear
he said I know my heart is on freeze

PAD Challenge Day 26: My Blood

PAD Challenge Day 26: Write a relationship poem.
My Blood
I want my blood to stay thick Thick like the cotton king and gin of the south Thick like poetry slammed out of a poet’s mouth Thick like the cruel oil that fueled the Atlantic Slave Trade of my ancestors Thick like the black lives matter protesters Thick like constitutions, fighting between black lines  for liberty and justice for us Thick like asphalts, Blueprinted for all black everything to occur where no one can’t walk over us or we feel ignored Thick like cement shoes, But our feet ain’t the ones glued Thick like 8mm tire thread, rolling deep to lift one up drop another off to reap  Thick like curry oxtails in Caribbean stew Thick like black legacies saving the souls of HBCUs Thick like summer block parties lit by Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick Thick like Nina Simone's greatest hits Thick like Nana’s neckbones saturating loose leaves of collards greens Thick like melanin girls with Botswana hips and non-colla…

PAD Challenge Day 25: SpottieOttieDopaliscious

PAD Challenge Day 25: Pick an intriguing and/seldom-used word, make it the title of your poem.
She is goddess; a woman with a diameter heart for the black circumference. She distills latitudinal love from her scenic ocean. She can sporadic brown sugar and cream. She is free verses over southplayalisticadillacmuzik. Her natural roots story tells her spiraled life. Her emotions are abstracts engraved with caution tape. Her womb is a garden that bees try to colonize and buzz about. Her hips are sweet buttered sculptures. Her spirit is jazzy hip-hop beats baptized and equalized per the notes of her footprints..............................


PAD Challenge Day 24: You Love Black but You Hate Blacks, and Semi-Formal

Two-for Tuesday
PAD Challenge Day 24: Write a roundelay poem. And/or anti-form poem.
You Love Black but You Hate Blacks
I. they love the blackness of nightly skies along with it shining stars and moonlights drinking black beans in black ties black little dresses and black skin tights accessing black code laws to maximize black nightmares for all dark shades in sight
They’ll hug coal for diamond revenue They’ll soothe a black oyster for a pearl over a black girl They’ll harass you when you walk through their white avenue They’ll black ball, brown nose, and lip curl They’ll break your black skin blue They’ll sleep on black sheets, not even toss or twirl.
Love to shade black Love to control black like a disease Love to flip black jack Love to play on black keys Love to laugh at black on black Love to kill black to black with ease
It’s true; some of you do. Hate, hate, hate, and more hate With no evidence of why for the voodoo Will society ever get this race thing straig…

PAD Challenge Day 23: Buenos Aires: Lleva al Tango

PAD Challenge Day 23: Write an action poem.
Buenos Aires: Lleva al Tango
Si senor! Let your Chesnutt  skin meet my bronze Let’s kept this thang  upright with each other Dance this dance of sorrow  with romance sweating from the pores of our hearts Dance the drama out of the motionless characters on our lips Dance the dirty, dying sex living within our hips Take me as I take you Confiscate these unsung passions  boiling underneath my porcelain skin Let no space breathe between our evaporating bodies Assume your position Move forward to  obstruct me, bend my back erupt me obtuse then acute me, Twirl the desires hidden in my hair Thrust me new pathways to follow as my leg rub against your leg Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow Gathering t-a-n-g-o as we go Making it harder for you  to turn me loose before you set 
yourself free


PAD Challenge Day 22: Black Sunflower

PAD Challenge Day 22: Pick and planet, make it the title of your poem.
Black Sunflower
Tiny seed from rich black soulful history
blossoming tall beauty sprout hearts as leaves
head adjacent to God’s sky countless ringlets of smiles
bright florets that kisses stars and clouds
undying oil fuels and burns longevity
guided by light  from east to west 
summer’s rain enhances me to shadow the rest

PAD Challenge Day 21: Through Hail and Back

PAD Challenge Day 21: Write a danger poem.
Through Hail and Back
When you look at me, your eyes are always in wonderland- wondering how I Mayweathered my last love storm too. I’ll tell you- it wasn’t easy having my joy dumped into a mudslide that created muddy, sorrowful rivers on the left and right-side of the bridge of my nose. Where my water waded and waded and waded on my skin until they returned to still waters that only ran deep to  repair my cells, tissues, and organs.
I ain’t shipwrecked no more. I ain’t high and dry no more. I ain’t broken no more. And love for self never went into drought. Nor did my lights ever go out. With all the power within me, I stayed equipped to flash all this "little light of mine".
I mean, I sat through those gray skies and studied those gathering storm clouds. I watched the changing faces of his rain drops and everything. They didn’t sound right or look right after escalading down the left and right-side of the bri…

PAD Challenge Day 20: Prepare to Hand Out May Flowers

PAD Challenge Day 20: Take a line from an earlier poem (preferably from this month), to begin your poem for today. Prepare to Hand Out May Flowers

Prepare to hand out May flowers. Hurry, hurry up Roses, Tulips,
Dandelions and Steel magnolias.
Come confidently proud,
in memory of your first
sweet baby breathes
in blue or pink-
celebrate the queendom
that birthed you.
Mother’s Day is on the way
we need not delay, then again,
mothers are mothers everyday
to those living, decreased,
stillborn, and miscarried.
So, April cry,
cry, cry baby for
all of her joy and pain
through morning sickness,
swollen ankles and veins,
twist and turns,
excessive weight gain,
itching and back burns,
hot flashes and alopecia.
Come on April, cry,
cry, cry baby,
pay her garden womb with
love for the bloodline,
the chemistry to breathe,
the natural minerals
and nutrition to fed
her offsprings.
Time is now April
gone and cry,
cry baby cry for:
The single mom
The wedlock mom
The widow mom
The guardian …

PAD Challenge Day 19: needle & thread

PAD Challenge Day 19: Take the phrase “(blank) Thread”, replace with a word or phrase; make the new phrase the title of your poem.

needle & thread
In the beginning, you were a man of steel,
a heart of platinum.

I was your fine silk- strongly cultivated,
happily, looped freely
around you.

Together, we sewed sweet embroideries
of denoted love.

We boldly exchanged solid sense of
freedom for intimacy.

Flamboyantly, we quilted our melanin
with Kente, danced African
rituals through black, red
and green areas-

until you became bent,
and it was hard-to-see
eye-to-eye through the
complicated loops
we tangled and weaved.

Subconsciously, my doubled strands
became insufficient
and cut ties to spin self
back whole from you.


PAD Challenge Day 18: dark chocolate

PAD Challenge Day 18: Write a temptation poem.
dark chocolate
My sweet tooth never had your kind of chocolate before.
Boy, I got an urge now.
I mean every time you swivel
your decadence around
my cherry blossom;
my lows vanish;
you become my
personal cocoa sun;
my aphrodisiac,
my favorite brain food;
grounded and roasted
along my Godiva caramel.

One nibble at a time,
stimulating a sufficient
supply of vitamin D,
mellowing my mood,
peacefully calming my nerves,
regulating my blood pressure,
curving my cravings
and my curves,
soothing my soul,
boasting my energy,
while curing my blues
with every gram of
your sugarcane
until my fruit is
delicately saturated
by your temporary
sugar rush.


PAD Challenge Day 17: First Corinthians Thirteen and Red Angel

PAD Challenge Day 17: Write a love poem. And/or anti-love poem.
First Corinthians Thirteen God, eternal bones;
Son, true blood through thick and thin;
Holy Ghost, open air. 

Red Angel Disguises love acts;
Possess spiritual mischiefs;
Boast proud with envy.

D'Elegant One

PAD Challenge Day 16: Soul Mating

PAD Challenge Day 16: Write a favorite poem.
Soul Mating
I want to lay heart to heart with you
Listen like no other woman has
Learn your favorites,
pet peeves and past
Synchronize my soul with your soul
Share harmonies, poetry, and tempos
Breakdown walls and obstacles
Count stars, pillow talk until we fall asleep
Attend to your emotions,
Be your rock when you’re weak
Cry, fall and rise with you
Wake up, share morning kisses and backrubs
Dance circles around an island kitchen
and cook gourmet with you
Sleep in, ignore calls,
cancel meeting just to drown
in satin sheets with you
Play board games, kick back,
suck on buffalo wings and
yell through sports with you
Roam foreign lands,
Sip fine wine, dutty wine
at concerts with you
Exchange vows,
raise a tribe, and
serve for the people with you
Monopolize, stock up,
Impart on philosophy,
and kill curiosity with you
Pretend to be mad,
make goofy faces,
kiss up, laugh again
into another
lifetime with you.

D'Elegant One

PAD Challenge Day 15: Planeteer

PAD Challenge Day 15: Write a metaphor poem.
I am Earth= Round, full, and hot to the core I gravitate all day every day I kiss the sun in the morning Make love to the moon at night I got atmosphere in all my hemispheres I got soul in my soil I got chemistry with physics and biology.  I can cry blues until my skies’ clouds fade dance evergreen all year long without a witness to my rotational escapades
I am Fire= The most flammable flame of all flames I can light up your life and leave a glow Transmit heat to warm your soul Ignite your life Have you lively in love with your imagination Stir up passion elegantly Eliminate dullness with my brilliance transpire ample love as my remembrance
I am Wind= The coolest breeze I can whisper to your soul Knock you down on both knees Uplift you and loan directions Spare you common scents Loosen your apparel between whirlwind Just to run wild against your bare skin
I am Water = Clear to replenish Rejuvenate and resuscitate Dissolute s…

PAD Challenge Day 14: Minority Report: The State of a Black Woman in America

PAD Challenge Day 14: Write a report poem.
Minority Report: The State of a Black Woman in America
We are now live in 2018. Still a danger to society Tightly coiled or sometime loose like the roots of our hair Never or almost are we straight Because we are still the most degraded, underrated, and underpaid women of color Sometimes unsure of which women hates us the most, the one with thin lips or full ones like ours But we are not discouraged or afraid of side eyes or petty, jealous ways. Because we are aware of how far we’ve come. Far from the soil that queened us to injustice lands that only want to see us on display like Sarah Baartman. Just so they can grab us by the pussy or mistake us for being a pussy But we are not. We are still wearing our crowns through all women's suffrage That we collected at birth, generating black lives matter movements, Collecting bachelors, master’s, PhDs, M.D.'s and J.D.'S Owning our powerful legacy while trying to disown th…

PAD Challenge Day 13: Black Fly, Honeybee Lover, and Ladybug

PAD Challenged Day 13: Pick an insect, make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.
Black Fly
Don’t want to bug you or be attracted to shit;
just fly black and free.

Honeybee Lover
I love how you bee stinging; viscously beekeeping my hive pollenated.
I love how you queen me;
you bee waxing my honeycomb-
Exciting my nectar until it
wholly distill sticky sweetness.

I mean no harm. I'm just a black-dotted
lady of love,
a good luck charm-
here to convey pure bliss.
Now, hold me, make a wish.


PAD Challenge Day 12: Good Grief: Kansas City’s Blues

PAD Challenge Day 12: Write a lament poem.
Good Grief: Kansas City’s Blues
Finally, my heart stopped bleeding; but my soul is still wounded,
stitched and scabbed.
My pain has descended
from a ten to a five.
For almost a year,
I kept asking myself,
"Are you strong enough to recover
your emotions from your sleeve,
keep April’s showers off your face
and prepare to hand out May flowers?"
Because since your sweet
chariot swung low, Granny Ruby,
I have to buy two bundles now,
one for Mother’s Day,
another for your death day.
Single every rose out again,
stem them along the Paseo
until I reach 18th and Vine;
let living souls in sync
with all-that-jazz feel and smell
the love you can’t anymore;
then drop a few petals
by the intercom because 
your name has been temporarily
replaced with -UNKNOWN-,
air and key tones.



I’ll just welcome myself,
trail flowers to the right,
down the hallway
until I reach apartment 16-
shower the rest over
the b…

PAD Challenge Day 11: LOVE: Enter at Your Own Risk

PAD Challenge Day 11: Write a warning poem.

LOVE: Enter at Your Own Risk
Love, What is going on with you, love? Haven’t our hearts had enough
handle with care moments?
How many loves are tired of
fake love ones, full of b.s.,
messing up love over and over again
like we ain’t CAUTION enough to know
phony love is really slippery when wet
and cold hearts are strong to ice
bridges before the next
Dangerous routes,
of multiple causal
affairs that lead to causalities
with no terms of endearment,
little bits of monogamies,
and no limbic resonance experiments.
No emotional intimacy before
the familiarity of erogenous zones,
just weak ass associate and friend zones.
Hearts heartless and knowledge less
of filial piety for society
but has restricted heartbeats for
empathy and sympathy
towards familial love,
parental love,
marital love,
spiritual love,
brotherly love,
and sisterly love.
STOP it!
Think twice and look both ways
before crossing another heartway.
Real love is alm…