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Mission Completed

Hey Readers,

Participating in the Poetry-A-Day (PAD) was quite refreshing and intimate. Almost like a lover and friend. Instructor and student. Parent and child. Water and flower. Sun and sky. It taught me many new feelings, heighten my desires, opened questions in search of answers, and suspended my ordinary thoughts with the expectation of enhancing my relationship with Pen and Mind.

In every way, poetry is food. Daily we either share, compare, or learn a piece, then we nibble with the anticipation of becoming full after being openly expressive. If it was impossible, I would have no other plate to fill with simple sides of soul and self, or gift the pieces of observation through the channel of sound. Mind you Pen?

Though this particular challenge is fairly new to my ink; however, I normally eat poetry everyday----at least 4 times. By promptly writing and digesting daily, it provided me with the sweetest indulgence of growth, a supply of solitude, and extended lines of eloquence. I d…

End of the Roll

 Prompt 30: Write a "calling it a day" poem.

End of the Roll
Oh, Pen!
Oh, Pen!
Time to rest up, rest up!
Here, lie down from PAD.
Clock out your ink.
"Call it a day" on what mind think.
Relieve your point,
Recap your crown,
and refill your soul
from the "thirty day" scroll. Pause. Wait. Quick.
Before we end this last roll,
Recall the routes of prompt per day,
the tue for Tues,
Portraits of nouns and sounds as ink ooze,
New pen pals in the playpen of expression, and the memories of thoughts bundled in heart's possession.
Oh, Pen.
Oh, Pen.
Whether we lose or win.
We can resurrect and ink again!
We clear?
sign your name as "I was here".
And PAD, mind you,
see you in another year!


Realism vs. Magical

Prompt 29: Write a realism poemand/or write a magical poem.

As Real as It Gets (Realism)
Unstoppable genes.
Abnormal in one in eight.
Screen and change habits.

Abracadabra (Magical)
No cause. No effect.
All pink ribbon surviors.
Cancer extinction.


Living in Black

Prompt 28: Write a settled poem.

Living in Black

Power on.
Click. Click. Click.
Black escape through
blank sheets to record
emotions with right and left.
In other chapters, the state of
Literature politely welcome the
boldness of Black in text again with
the imagery of all. As it tip-toe through
the City of Letters, it run and tell what the
writer heard, seen, touched, felt, and tasted before.
In spaces, syllables divide out sounds while Black
wake-up in Times Roman to scribble down new
thoughts in the corners of mind. To cross out
old feelings, Black substitute emptiness with
true heart to soul lyrics. Occasionally sitting
in rhyme, Black continue to fold over in
rhythm secured with it's own
signature and prose.
Click. Click. Click.
Words settled in.


Broken Red Wings

Prompt 27: Write a monster poem.

Broken Red Wings
The yellow in your eyes search
to weaken the flesh.
Your face shift like the day.
Then your wicked children march
in circles chanting poison.
Turning dreams into nightmares.
Until the number seven appears
and the words of God
break your wings and
send you back to hell.


The Thought of Hydration

Prompt 26: Write a water poem.
The Thought of Hydration
Like water,
do I require or desire you to
leave me spick-and-span,
replenish my soul,
Or recycle my youth? Before asking consent to build a bridge over trouble,
should I wait by the riverside
holding my own water? Or should I, like water,
run, then ripple through the green letting everything flow---
leaving you to sit still to drown in your own tears? Or like water, shall I let your heart freeze for me to steady stream by?
Or like water, should I fall
deeply in a bucket for you to catch? Or like water, should I spill over and allow sun to boil or spoil me?
Or like water, shall I forever naturally resource your living?


A Little Sip of Love

Prompt: Write a"last straw" poem.

A Little Sip of love
When I sip through this last staw,
I will be full from
an ounce of sweetness,
a quart of patience,
and a gallon of eternity---
To quench the world.


Tell It to the Broadcast Crew

Prompt 24: Tell It to the ( Fill in the Blank)

Tell It to the Broadcast Crew
Please switch the lights!
Off to the American standard of beauty.
Please angle your camera!
To reveal realistic reality.
Please show action!
Beyond explicit and absurd behavior.


When? Where? Why?

Prompt 23: Write a location poem.When? Where? Why?Pacific time.
Zone A, Seat 7D.
For a cup of jazz
and poetry.

Optimistic vs. Pessimistic

Prompt 22: Write an optimistic poem and/or a pessimistic poem.

Point 22
Out of range, I know:
I can.
I will.
If I try.
Under his safety, I knew:
I could.
I would.
Before I did.

Catch 22

Thoughts under water
As limbs anchor with doubt.
Soul currently drowning.


First Thing Monday Morning

Prompt 21: Write a "back to basics" poem.First Thing Monday MorningBeep. Beep. Beep.
6:30 A.M.
Birds flirting,
Sun smiling,
in front of window.
Inside voice whispers, "Not yet,"
Index finger aim for
the letters that read SNOOZE.
Toss. Turn.
Ruffle mauve satin sheets.
Massage pillow.
Another toss. Turn again.Fifteen minutes later,
Beep. Beep. Beep.
Eyes adjacent to ceiling fan.
Counting the number of spins.
Feet walk the ercu hooked rug.
Knees bend to pray.
Dear God,
Protect. Guide. Cover.
Me through another week.
As before, center me
in the direction of you.D'ElegantOne

Coral Crush #515

Prompt 19: Pick a color, make the color the title of the poem, and then write your poem.

Coral Crush #515
Mmm mmm  my lips.
I love to dress
And matte them down from nude.
Curve with sensual at the left and seduction at the right,
then softly whisper in his ear, “I’m no cover girl tonight.”

Good Friday: Cool, Calm, and Coziness

Prompt 18: Write a weather poem.

Good Friday: Cool, Calm, and Coziness
At fifty-six degrees,
for hours, Sun called out and slept in.
Sheets of clouds melted the blue away
while the wind sprinted by me.
As it strongly strolled from East to West,
it generously ignited flesh with goose-bumps,
left a family of trees waving,
and multiple lines of wisterias jiggling
from their roots.
By sixty degrees,
the ripples of the lake
held hands with April’s showers.


Pop Notes-N-Styles

Prompt 17: Write a pop culture poem.

Pop Notes-N-Styles

Since MJ, pop has been living Off the Wall.
Last Friday Night, the DJ spun
to Get Lucky and Happy at the beach house.
In the air, luminous lights
on checkerboard and ombre nails and floating solo cups.
Far from Royals and a Picasso Baby,
Cock walks in neon foams or solid squares,
screen tees, and skinny jeans or tailor suits.
Ray bans and tilted pork pie hats.
Cat walks in trendy pumps, toms, or tribal wedges,
Floral tees or skirts, stripe pants or animal print frocks.
Fresh cuts, afros, few pixie dos,
one side clean-shave, and deep waves with banging bangs.
Nude, plum, coral or rouge duck lips.
Face fancied in M.A.C.
Hand massaging Android or Mac.
Pose. Vogue. Smile.
Auto flash and snap!
Wait, let me take a selfie!
Quick. Select. Click. Post to IG or FB,
cause life ain’t so bad.

When Heaven Calls My Name

Prompt 16: Write an elegy.

When Heaven Calls My Name
After your heart stopped, the room became ice cold--- my insides shivered. The clouds pouted and cried. I stood underneath them, so no one could see my tears.
Then, the sun woke up beside me and a little blue bird. I sat quietly. She sung. As I closed my eyes, I dreamt that I could Snap my fingers or clap my hands for you to reappear. No, here is when time welcomes never.
Only in my dreams can I see you. Smell you when I walk by your room. Feel you when the wind speaks. Hear your last voicemail. Read your thoughts through old greeting cards. Until I hold you again--- When heaven calls my name.

Poems In and Out of Love

Prompt: Write a love poem and/or an anti-love poem. The Best Art of Us
You, tuning me into love.
Me, in search of melodies with you.
Us, composing under one name.
Irreconcilable Differences
Stained by prints of infidelity,
Hands huddle to patch piece by piece-
One shattered heart on concrete. D'ElegantOne

To Be a Painted Lady

Prompt 13: Write an animal poem.

To Be a Painted Lady
If it could be, then just let it be.

The day I grow wings of a rainbow,
Transforming my anatomy.

I merge from the ground
Onto a sunflower---
Staring eyes compound.

Freely I fly.
I spread,
then flap
my fore and hind wings
into the sky.


Line by Line in the Walking City

Prompt 12: Write a city poem.

Line by Line in the Walking City
It is Twelve. Nineteen. Thirteen.
Two hours and fifteen minutes later,
I met the Silver Line at Logan’s
and passed by the bay that once consumed tea.
It is now frozen with moored sailboats and ferries.
First exit and I look up to read,
“Welcome to the Home of the Red Sox and Celtics!”

By a corner of shoveled snow, I visited the South Station to purchase
A Charlie pass to route through the city.
For minutes, I trailed the Walk of Freedom.
Before meeting the Red Line to Harvard,
another set of welcome letters
spoke freely in bold crimson.
Here, I taste of sparkling water,
fresh seafood, spring greens, and crepes
by the scent of roasted coffee beans.
Topics by noon:
Research. Literature. History.

On Bus 86, I note of the city’s day-to-day blues, then chime an exit to Lechmere.
Before reaching Heath,
I observed art collections of ancient Egypt to American contemporary,
Draped tribal patterns and textures,
Centered pieces of antique gems,
And wal…

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Prompt 11: Use a statement as the title of your poem, then write a statement poem.

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Thoughts for the day?
Be close.
Be absent.
Be narrow.
Nah, never mind.

WARNING: Consciousness in session!
Mind you, generations? Willpower is starving for knowledge 
out of passion to live in memory of
what we imagined---
Living without ignorance and fear.


Through My Brown Lens

Prompt 10: Write a future poem.

Through My Brown Lens
Passing by my past and the present,
I laughed, and then smiled.
Hands in the air saying, Hallelujah!
Down the hall,
I fling my white coat and toss portfolios---
Gather sticky notes with poetic thoughts before
departing a day shift from the probability of discovering a cure.
After multiple intersections and series of stops, I groove to the latest tunes---
Fleeing home with the anticipation to passionately kiss and hug
The man I grew to love, vowed the gift of forever, and out of love, reproduced.

Over the smells of grandma’s recipes, Four of us bond through prayer followed by
Heart-to-heart conversations about our
journey through the seven continents and seas,
first loves and heartbreaks,
reality and dreams,
aspirations and purposes;
and the delights of
field goals, rebounds, and fouls,
differentiating of arts,
the outcome of good and evil,
strategies of curriculums and humanity.

And then my eyes zoom elsewhere: Eyes see me teaching my children
the importa…

Out of Harm's Way

Prompt 9: Write a shelter poem.

Out of Harm’s Way
The clouds are the talk of the town.
Before they burst into tears,
and violently roar between the blue,
eyes told everyone to fetch security.

As the wind begins to whistle
and borrow free newspapers,
the rage of lighting stirs undesirable energy.
No time for shooting the breeze!

The unravel of apparel and hair,
Flickering of the city's lights,
Inverse of umbrellas,
and the awakening of the sea
Warn thousands to check-in.


City of Tranquility

Tuesdays provide the option to write TUE poems. I decided to drive my pen in the peaceful lane. Peace is where the heart is.... :-)

Prompt 8:Write a violent poem and/or a peaceful poem.

City of Tranquility
Everyday joy finds a way To wake me up,
Holding up a sign saying,” Your Savior is Saving Again”
Then, there is the sun
Birthing the shadow of humanity holding hands.


Nana's Sunflower

Prompt 7: Write a self-portrait poem.

Nana’s Sunflower
I am wearing
my great-great grandmother’s pearls.
Dangling from my neck to chest,
they freely droop from
small to medium to large.
My facial skin is bare and delicate
from the lathers of Africa’s finest.
Soft, brown ringlets from my mane
Gracefully descend to greet my shoulders
And rest on my semi-laced, ivory and emerald dress.

I am sitting with her spirit. Nose buried in
the same scent her nose once
welcomed and adored.
I could be silently praying
Because my head is bowed and
my face wears peace
And my lips are bonding.
While I caress this single stem,
My eyes are relaxed
And then I sniff.
Then, I sniff again--
for her to breathe through me.


Every Night Forever

Prompt 6: Write a night poem.

Every Night Forever
Over a table of soul food And a chilly breeze,
The sky owns no moon tonight.
Our hands practice constellations resembling l-o-v-e.
Behind the taste of laughter,
warmth tickles our hearts
with a guiding light.
As our eyes think of a dance,
one hand confirms yes, saying:

Care for me to be the skyline with you? Care for us to be those portraits in motion?
Care for me to be that jazz breathing in your ear?
Care for us to glow together
for the rest of our lives?


Short Notice of Harmony

Prompt 5: Write a discovery poem.

Short Notice of Harmony
With minutes left, it is almost time to resign stale melodies.
For once, no notes performed in despair
or synthesized in foul air
between series of
sharps and flats.

Within seconds,
Over the souls of 52 whites and 36 blacks,
4 strings attached,
One sax and trap,
Highly pitched in,
Mr. Alto found a fine tune.


Since I Met You

Prompt 4: Since (fill in the blank)

Since I Met You
Since I met you, You have shifted
The emptiness of my heart.
Decorating each space with
An elegant taste.
Adding colors of passion,
Courage and grace.

Instilling a sanctuary of strength and stability, With embroideries of wit, affection, and honor.
Never once have you hung
Me up on commitment.
You nailed it
With communication and patience.

Although it took time to adjust, To humbly design us in trust,
And loyalty for longevity---
Especially before we invite
Additional members for
A sturdy family. 

In this chair of hope, We unfold our fears and sit in peace,
Nibbling on scoops of reality
While sharing slices of spirituality.

And sometimes-at-times before dusk,
Colors block conflict within us 
By molding walls or scattering foreign objects,
Then we break them down
Until we are back at one---
Smiling comfortably without reasons
And resting our heels from the
Path of withdraw.
We welcome hugs, then exchange
Our favorite words of the day.
I love you.


Message in a Bottle

Prompt 3: Write a message. Message in a Bottle One 12 ounce of glass,
Slightly tinted of sage.
One sheet.
Several folds.
Tightly corked.
I toss out my thoughts
from heart to sea.
On what my ears and eyes see: "Millions remain unrest.
Day after day, human rights protest.
AIDS and cancer broadly killing,
Trillions spent on war,
With minimum interest in spiritual healing,
Government hung by history of corruptions
What I detect on T.V.?
Day-to-day dysfunctions,
Society in act of brutal humanity,
Lately, one missing MH-Three Seventy,
Cold-blooded murders running free,
Courtroom cases tossed out as a mystery,
Populations affected by global warming,
Mother Nature out of control with storming,
Universal systems misleading information,
Youth struggling with poverty, neglect, bullying, Suicide attempts and miseducation,
From country to country, infectious diseases galore,
Crowded shelters with scarce food in store,
Concealed racism and extensive sexism,
Religions versus religi…

A Journey through Pad

Prompt 2: Write about a voyage.

A  Journey through PAD

Oh, Pen!
Oh, Pen!
Wake up, wake up!
Crank up your inking soul.
Let it spill outta here.
We have a mission to complete
And it’s only thirty days deep
And you’re riding shotgun!
Guess who is accompanying us?
Metaphor and Simile.
Ready now?
First, exit south after merging a title
For what we prose and think.
Then, yield eyes and hand from West to East,
Exploring feelings and exchanging them for show,
As we stanza ourselves down below.
Dressed in jet on cruise control,
Descending on white with blue parallel streets--
Mapping out life’s mountains and valleys
On countless detours, sheet after sheet.
In meters, singing-out-loud numerous of ballads and odes,
Until rhyme and rhythm occasionally meet us---
Parked by alliteration and onomatopoeias.
Oh, pen!
Oh, pen?
Are you sleeping again? D'ElegantOne


Prompt 1: Write about a beginning and/or ending.

Good Morning April! March in with winds of eagerness,
Sprinkle your showers of new beginnings.
Please, I say--
Apply no foolery this way!
Sow my soul with seeds of ardor
Then caress me at the roots.
As the world turns,
Pinky promise comfort to recycle her green,
Bed me dandelions for my brown nose
To sniff,
Lips to whisper florets away,
As I twirl at another by the ending of the day.