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Last Words for the Year

No Perfect One
I’m no atheist,
deity or an undefined. I’m no angel or devil.

I’m no black, white, or other.
I’m no hetero, homo, or transgender.
I’m no Democrat or Republic.
I’m no civilian or refugee.
I’m no corporation or product.
I’m no price tag or brand name beast. I am human.

©Danielle C. Robinson

A Simple Love Poem

Come lover, Let’s watch the birds fly as the sky-blue fade rosy. Paint your skin over mines.
Come lover, Let’s tally up our time, And calculate the space in places where we make love.
Come lover, Let’s create a Moon and Sun. Let them glow out of our love.
Into the world, come lover, take my left hand.

©Danielle C. Robinson

What Every Nose Don't Know

Day 29
Prompt:Write a nobody knows poem.

Only God Knows
When the sky gone crack, When the clouds gone drown into the sea, When earth gone shake or stop running around, and the stars gone live on the ground.
When time will cheat its own hands, When a day will never meet a year, When the flowers gone frown, and the ground will screech then meltdown.
When the sun remain at rest, When the moon gone escape a phase, When the wind gone lift us high, and the birds gone stop flying by.
When all oceans will set aflame, When the land will be covered in tears, When the trees gone abandon their roots, and when love and war will no longer dispute.
Only God knows that day.

Breathing in those lines Breathing in those rhymes In between thosesheets In between those minds Up in volumes Up in chapters
Behind that screen Behind that mainstream Over those beats Over those city’s signs posted in them streets Written in all black Written on all white
Right? Write.

Anon. Love
For eight hours, behind my eyelids, sleeping in love---it …

Words of Matter

Day 28
Prompt: Write a matter and/or anti-matter poem
Matter Poem
As a Matter of
Blacks this. Blacks that Blacks from here. Blacks from there
Blacks. Blacks. Blacks.
Blacks can’t. Some blacks can. Blacks don’t. Some blacks do.
Blacks. Blacks. Blacks.
Blacks always. Some blacks never. Blacks are. Some blacks are not.
Blacks. Blacks. Blacks.
As a matter of fact, stats believe black lives do matter.

No Matter What
Your love melted my heart of stone--- convincing it to expel in the atmosphere And no matter what, I am free.
What’s Wrong?
What’s the matter World? Why did you let hate unfurl? Was love not a route to choose? And why are you fading into a world of broken blues? Pardon me; I can’t feel your turns. I did offer you love in return. But you ain’t change. Cause every day, I see the same thing. Naw, you ain’t change a bit. Cause when I sit, And see the news my kinder heart is whipped and abused. And why are your people so sour? When this could be the last and final hour? Huh? Can you hear me world? Or are you too busy wit…

Eyes Rolling Back

Day 27
Prompt: Write a looking back poem.
Black Glancing
Since 1865, we the people have been losing breath, cheating death, sleeping on sleep, breaking bones, bleeding in and out, moaning hymns, soaking in faith for liberty and justice for all.
Today’s Glory
I wish you would move along with the years of your life. Let those years of anguish and deception rest in peace. You know, you ain’t no spring chicken each season that comes around. Stop looking at what you could have done and what you should have did. It’s time to tell time by the inch of your wisdom collected thus far. And you know every eye that will dress your skin gon’ judge you anyway. And I know you’re hurting for God’s words, touch, light, and face to appear. And only we know--- flipping back to Psalms 27 will save you again.
20 Years Ago Not as tight-lipped, Slightly confused or fragile, but the world is still broken.
Soleil Come from behind those bulky trees, and shattered clouds--- burn a fire inside of me that no man can mute. Come touch ever…


Day 26

Prompt: Take a word or two invented by William Shakespeare. Make it the title of your poem.

Loose From the Homeland of soul, New terms of love strangled the closed ends of baneful fears. *Ope derives from the William Shakespeare's poem, Aubade. D'ElegantOne

Pink Sands

Day 25

Prompt: Write an across the sea poem

Pink Sands

Please assign me seat D7 and fly me into L.F. Wade International.
Escort me to the Pink Palace.
Let me stroll by the writing room and grin.
Hide my blinds and crack open the
door to the balcony for the day’s air to creep in.
Let me breathe in the scent of the coral reefs,
and daydream at the pink, yellow, indigo,
and lime pastel buildings and homes on the hills.

Hand me a cool Robinsons drink and store a case of Bermuda Stone’s Ginger Beer for later days.
Bake me ginger bread,
and blend Bermuda Rum Punch while I snooze.
Wake me up to floral scents and prints.
Hitch me a ride on the pink and blue lines,
to and from the Town of St. George’s,
Southhampton, and the Royal Naval Dockyard
for Harbor Nights, live Caribbean melodies,
and to play sight and see.

Let me drift away on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay until the sunset, or watch colorful souls flaunt the beauty of their shaded skin,
Gombey troupes dance to snare drums,
Runners and floats lead the way…

Several Moments under the Sun

Day 24
Prompt:Write a moment poem.
Several Moments under the Sun

Moment of Peace I wrote a letter for the world.
Her creator replied, Child, I need one too!

Moment of Truth Handing your heart over, you gave me your words of the day. For all the years we shared, I love you more too— for every endeavor that suited your words.
Moment of Silence (M.O.S) Part II Are you ready to hear me out again? This time, I found a new praying closet. One at the center of your greater sheet of blue and thread of clouds, just above your low moss green.
In between mountains , that I couldn’t move, I praised you in advance, sent you thanks and walked away in faith knowing that tomorrow you’ll hear me over life’s music again.
In a box branded FEAR OF LOVING! I found the key to your heart and a cushion by your soul for me to sit for a lifetime.
For the Occasion Make it into One that will create Memories for an Eternity---so the Next generation in Time will tell it again!
Moment of Inertia Taking off in full speed, exchanging my …

Words of History

Day 23 Prompt:Write a history poem.

The Legacy in My Lap

Blue-black memories stroke my mind as you tell me stories that were hidden from our roots and fruits of life. You pause in between memories of a single cross scorched by the peach tree your grandparents planted one summer in memory of their first born. The same tree where your Uncle Henry head hung low. You were nine at the time and like everybody in Baton Rouge--- nobody knew the price of ole Henry’s blood or how your brother's face greeted the waters of the Mississippi River Delta. You said nobody knew but the devil that haunted his soul and the angel that prepared a sweet chariot to swing him home. Your worst enemy was Jim Crow. Your greatest memory was Ruby Bridges; ‘cause all you wanted to do was learn how to count and spell so you could teach your people. Reach your people. Heal your people. Through God’s words. You tell me the tables are turning again. Be cautious of the wolves. And to forever hold your peace. And all I coul…

Nutured By You

Day 22

Prompt: Write a nature poem.
Nurtured by You
Under a day of clear skies, with the sun dancing on my skin,
I pretended to be a stubborn alp by your side.
As your scent circled my nose,
I waited for your morning call to echo love songs in my ear.

With your wind up my back,
I could not rescue my own soul from your whirl of fresh air.
I had to amass my ocean at the brink of your land ---
for our souls to paste, then sow---
evergreens, dogwoods, honeysuckles and sweet peas,
side by side, in a row for eternal butterflies
to reap under the nature of our love.


What Are You vs. What Your Are Not

Day 21

Prompt: Write a “what are you “poem and/or “what you are not” poem.
Plain and Simple

Everyday, I Am
Woman, one who has overcome Hurdles and
Through prayer.

Aimlessly trying to survive in a world of
Racisim, sexism, ignorance, and violence

Yearly, yearning for the exponential
Occurrence in love for all God’s children to be
Understood without further

Human Error
Am I not you’re type of woman, sister, lover, daughter, or friend?
I may not even practice what you preach, impart or influence.
I may not even listen when you speak at times
Cause I was eavesdropping for God-like words.

I may not even stroll where your been. And if I roam there, I will not perceive what you saw,
sample what you tasted,
inhale what you smelled,
or hear what you heard.
Cause I am not made in your image.

I will not move the way you move.
I will not groove the way you groove.
Cause my spirit is a surprise.

And I am no high, holy roller on a high horse with a nose of a plane. I am no broken soul …

My Father, the Absent One

Day 20

Prompt: Take the phrase, “My (blank), the (blank)”, replace the blanks with a word or phrase.
My Father, the Absent One
I can’t recall
the day you
walked out or
even if you walked out at all,
maybe you ran?
I do remember the bike you bought me,
the few lessons you taught,
and the dollhouse we built together-
and how you said you would
build my dream home just like it.

I remember my first fight at school--- I told you it wasn’t my fault,
you hit me anyway and cried.
I remember asking for money for academic trips
and special occasions---
you would curse me out and say I wasn’t your daughter.
I knew you lied---you were always good at lying to me.
My gap tooth and birth mark proved I was your only daughter.

I remember the other women and children you replaced my mom and brother with---
and how they didn’t go without
or how they would threaten us.
Without you, I barely went without anyway---
just only without your perfect attendance to witness
my perfect attendance and straight A’s,
my orchestra concerts…