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Black Bones + Poetry Between My Thighs + Lily of the Valley


Mr. Pittenger (for Congress)




Summer flies
then light me up with memories on Merry-Go-Rounds, bicycle racing brother and cousins, skate nights and hopscotch afternoons kept cool by popsicles and snow cones. Sharing Bubblicious bubble gum, Lemonheads and Mary Janes at camp, Snapping green peas with Auntie Jean on her back porch, Collecting Cracker Jack and sucking on Now and Later with Nana,
Listening to Aunt Sue's stories,
Laughing at Uncle Ron's jokes and him calling me and cousins “Frogs
Eating pears and peaches from grandmother Roxie’s tree, slicing watermelons with smiles and picking berries until my palms stain red.

Saturday mornings, at the library with mother and brother, smelling through books.
Multi-color nails flipping through Word Up! Magazines,
popping Violin’s strings, writing words and stories to tell and sell one day, finding my crush’s hidden love letter,
before my first kiss.
Honeysuckle evenings, family cookouts, and a deflated heart after father was a no-show.
Sitting still and breathing in scenes of

PAD Challenge Day 30: "Cul-de-sac" and "Cut-off"

PAD Challenge Day 30
Prompt: Write a dead end poem.

Life, Turning me around again, huh?
Or is it me this time,
not paying attention?

Cut-off Don’t count the years of knowing them.
Because sometimes-at-times,
Time doesn’t mean anything to anyone.
Even when they began to smell different.
Whipped into shape or out of align---
don’t mind their beauty either.
They can look pretty. Do pretty things. Say pretty things.
Talk of mustard seed. While planting a crooked one with rusty water.

Recollect the times they rooted you in real tight.
Stood by your stem.
Watched over its youth like the Father, the Sun and the Son.
Dared you to branch out, even when only their petals were blooming
and your life’s trembling leaves shook wild.
Don’t tally your exchange of good seeds to their gorgeous pots.
Because that was supposed to be God’s doing.
Reminisce, in your period of evolution,
while you were stretching--
We’re they flowering or arranging dead ends for your soul?


PAD Challenge Day 28: "Important to Remember", "Important Letters", "Important As Is" , and "Important Ingredient"

PAD Challenge Day 28

Prompt 28: Take the phrase “Important (blank)”. Replace the blank with a word or phrase, and make the new phrase the title of your poem.

Important to Remember
The exploitation after
The brainwashing and watery traditions.
The struggles. The progress.
The tears and bloodshed on every street,
day and night, in lines and on corners for democracy.
The unity before and after:
The Civil Rights. Black Panther. Black Lives Matter movements.
The love and the pride for the people.
The issues then. The issues now.
It ain’t picture perfect, so write ‘em down.
And Remember. Remember. Remember-
black is important and beautiful TOO!

Important Letters

It takes
Motivation and
Patience to
Rough times,
And sweet
To persevere.

Important As Is

If my eyes are not peeking through,