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PAD Challenge Day 30: "Cul-de-sac" and "Cut-off"

PAD Challenge Day 30
Prompt: Write a dead end poem.

Life, Turning me around again, huh?
Or is it me this time,
not paying attention?

Cut-off Don’t count the years of knowing them.
Because sometimes-at-times,
Time doesn’t mean anything to anyone.
Even when they began to smell different.
Whipped into shape or out of align---
don’t mind their beauty either.
They can look pretty. Do pretty things. Say pretty things.
Talk of mustard seed. While planting a crooked one with rusty water.

Recollect the times they rooted you in real tight.
Stood by your stem.
Watched over its youth like the Father, the Sun and the Son.
Dared you to branch out, even when only their petals were blooming
and your life’s trembling leaves shook wild.
Don’t tally your exchange of good seeds to their gorgeous pots.
Because that was supposed to be God’s doing.
Reminisce, in your period of evolution,
while you were stretching--
We’re they flowering or arranging dead ends for your soul?


PAD Challenge Day 28: "Important to Remember", "Important Letters", "Important As Is" , and "Important Ingredient"

PAD Challenge Day 28

Prompt 28: Take the phrase “Important (blank)”. Replace the blank with a word or phrase, and make the new phrase the title of your poem.

Important to Remember
The exploitation after
The brainwashing and watery traditions.
The struggles. The progress.
The tears and bloodshed on every street,
day and night, in lines and on corners for democracy.
The unity before and after:
The Civil Rights. Black Panther. Black Lives Matter movements.
The love and the pride for the people.
The issues then. The issues now.
It ain’t picture perfect, so write ‘em down.
And Remember. Remember. Remember-
black is important and beautiful TOO!

Important Letters

It takes
Motivation and
Patience to
Rough times,
And sweet
To persevere.

Important As Is

If my eyes are not peeking through,

PAD Challenge Day 27: "First in Flight" and "Forsaken Children"

PAD Challenge Day 27

Prompt 27: Write a take-off poem.

First in Flight

From anywhere, I claim row 7
with the bird's-eye view,
switch on iTunes, and
massage pen to pad
before Delta lift off.

Forsaken Children

Born broken, innocent, and pure. Some unnamed and unknown
without any extensions to kin.
No lukewarm hellos
before ice-cold, “I’m sorry. I have to go”.

Others, claimed and named then forgotten like passed due bills
or have queried conceptions
by the ones that take off from child support
with no shows or chilling goodbyes,
outcries of worthless “I love yous
and misfortunate “See you laters!”.


PAD Challenge Day 26: "Love More" and " Love's No"

PAD Challenge Day 26

Two-day prompts are:
Write a love poem. Or…Write an anti-love poem
Love More
Love is us finding each other before we did. It is more than blind folds and secret rendezvouses. Love is our signature in union after divorcing our ancient lives. It is attending to and healing each other’s souls. Love is listening when really wanting to exclaim after any aches. It is more than naked summer nights or sharing blankets and warmed beverages in the winter. Love is more than creating seeds. It is watching them grow in the light of our tender loving. Love is not just us. It is everyone that made us know what love could really be more of as we love each other more….

Love's No
Love’s no dummy. It does not have the eyes of envy, a tongue of lies to a candid ear, a heart of vicious cords frolicked by a soul of hell, a belly of bitterness after a rancid feast, a touch of aversion against prejudice skin, or a walk in deceit. Love's  no trinket. DElegantOne

PAD Challenge Day 25: Ashanti's Drum

PAD Challenge Day 25
Prompt 25: Write an exercise poem.

Ashanti’s Drum
A Nubian queen loans her steps.
I borrow her drummer boy's boom here,
his boom there,
and another tick, tick boom, boom.
They know I own bona fide
rhythm in my motherland hips.
So, I pay my roots.

Pa rum pum pum pum
rum pum pum….
Hips stir like Earth………
Pa rum pum pum pum
rum pum pum….
They free water.…..

Pa rum pum pum pum rum pum pum….
Arms reach for God…..
Pa rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum….
They gather to worship….

Pa rum pum pum pum rum pum pum….
Feet, lead me not alone…
Pa rum pum pum pum
rum pum pum….
They yield and return..…

Pa rum pum pum pum Rum pum pum….
Ancestors on call…..
Pa rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum….
I honor, I honor….

Pa rum pum pum pum
rum pum pum….
I praise, I praise
with life in my hips.


PAD Challenge Day 24:"Castaway" and " In the World of Wandering Words"

PAD Challenge Day 24 Prompt 24: Write a poem in which something is lost then regained. 


Arms winged Body adrift
Absent thoughts
Spirit unbuttoned
Peace redeemed

In the World of Wandering Words
In between lines or none at all, I freely circle around my stray thoughts
with my heart on a pedestal--
spinning through normal breaths as
I remember every funky and mellow beat
in life to relive the memories of
pretty and ugly pictures,
define dreams beyond reality,
search for answers
and face truths fearlessly.
In these acts of hope and inspiration,
I lay down my lyrical burdens,
to forever rest in ink
for my soul to reap.


PAD Challenge Day 23: "Barefoot", "Mismatched", "On the Account of Shoes", and "Flip-Flop"

PAD Challenge Day 23

Prompt 23: Write a footwear poem.

From the villages of the Motherland
the mainland of the Aussies,
the houses of Indian and Island curry,
to the towns of British tea,
there is no policy.
Only America has the taboo.

Mismatched Shoes

If the ones on the shelves are my size, let me try them on.
For the ones you wore and wear,
keep them over there.
I can’t timeline myself
or prepare a future within them.
I can’t even pretend to stand the way you did,
do, or compare my pair to you.
And if the shoe that I pick can fit,
then I’ll wear them and imprint
with a walk to remember.

On the Account of Shoes

I don’t
know how
many pairs
I have.

I just wake up
on my
heels and
get there.


Inside I love to walk bare.
Or in geeky socks
Paint my toes bright
and dance.

Outside I still love them free
with colorful or solid,
multiple or single strings
in between toes with
one or two toe rings.


PAD Challenge Day 22: "Star Island: Isle in Rye", "Star Fruit Boy", "KC Star ", "Stars for the Purple One"and "Starbucks"

PAD Challenge Day 22
Prompt 22: Take the phrase “Star (blank)”, replace the blank with a word or phrase. Make the new phrase the title of you poem.

They love my seven bucks.
I love the indie pop they play
as the aroma of the world’s finest beans
wake me up without roasting my lips.
And on a good day, if I’m lucky,
I can find a comfort zone to charge
my battery as I sip white
chocolate mocha,
relish a banana walnut slice
and word search.

KC Star
On Grand Boulevard, Dad and I lost time talking about our life’s breaking news. In the spring’s air, we circulated our feelings, submitted tips for rekindling, and advertised what a love should be like between father and daughter.

Star Island: Isle in Rye

windy rocky with water
you blew my mind
away with your sunshine

Star Fruit Boy
Difficult when I first met you. Now that you’ve ripen,
you willingly share
your usual points.

PAD Challenge Day 21: Read My Lips

PAD Challenge Day 21
Prompt 21: Write a poem that responds (or somehow communities with another poem).
(after Lucille Clifton’s Homage To My Hips)
Read My Lips
I love my lips like how I love my hips. From the bottom to the top,
they fully erect and
come naturally bare in brown.
They can babysit my gap and set my smile free.
They can give more than
they can take without any injections.
They can flaunt in colorful shades,
plucker up, and let their ripples rest in print wherever I choose.
They hold nothing back and know
when to sit sweet and glossy in a soft “Shhhhhh…..”
until its their time to taste poetry in motion.
And they can love realgood through emotions.
They can speak Je t’aime, Te amo, and Ti amo to you
while I speak, “Je les aime”, “Los amo”, and Li amo to me.
And the most beautiful thing about this pair,
I’ll have them forever;
others, for quick seconds to minutes,
or never at all.


PAD Challenge Day 20:"For the Words Unsaid", "Spoken Words", "Can You Hear me Now?" and "Poetry Slam"

PAD Challenge Day 20
Prompt 20: Write a poem of what goes unsaid.

For the Words Unsaid
I'm still waiting here with my ears against your heart to hear my name.
Spoken Words
There is something about that stage in a room with dim lights, candles glowing--- silhouettes of snapping fingers, bobbing and motionless heads to hoarded words from last week’s and today’s news or feelings as lyricists penetrate the night to find free space in between a pause, a belly of butterflies, and the beats of the heart, or over a constant tug on strings as one's hands walk in circles over a Motherland’s drum, to the roars of thunder that cries out from a French horn as another set of hands frisk against black and white keys. Or maybe there is no sound at all. Either way, there will be no letters silent here. Just one poet after another declining unconsciousness, redeeming their attitude, while dividing their wit without offense, rejection, and fear. Here, is where poets say what they have to say after writing too damn …

PAD Challenge Day 19: "The UnCool" and "My Cool"

PAD Day 19 Prompt 19: Twos-day prompts are: Write a cool and/or Write an uncool poem. The UnCool

They steady showing these babies things they don’t need to see. Leaving them dreaming that this is the way life was really meant to be. Nursing their souls through lethal injections Thinking its cool to have multiple partners without protection And you know what? They really think this is cool. Like its all fun and games to be a fool That repeatedly fails or drops out of school Just to sell or meth up their nose, roll trees, and chop coke Like its all fun and games then laugh as if this life is“so dope” How long can you use: “I’m only young” as an excuse “It’s only love, not sexual or verbal abuse” Or “I’m mentally ill” After plotting with gangs to rob, cheat, and kill. Just to be in and out of detention Guzzling down poisonous juice to swallow prescriptions Killing their souls While living life beyond their control Like sex is really the best product to sell And tyrannizing others or being a carbon copy will hel…