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Celebration of Life (Book) and Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Come meet and greet Author Danielle C. Robinson. Book party/signing, discussion, and fundraiser will be hosted by the author. In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the $5 admission fee will be donated directly to the Raleigh, NC Chapter of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (MSABC). The author is a committee member and advocate for the fight against cancer. Donor cards and additional information will be available in reference to cancer research and development. In addition to donations, a percentage of books sales will be donated to MSABC of Raleigh, NC.
Event Information Oct 21, 2017 at 6-9pm V' Kitchen 2945 S. Miami Blvd. Durham, NC 27703
*Complimentary soul food will be served during this event. *RSVP is required for attendance. Please at

This event is sponsored by Danielle and Robinson’s Ink, Inc.
Product Availability: T-Shirts $25 Hardback $22 Softback $12 Book Marks $1 Postcards $1

PAD Challenge Day 30: " The Poem for Tomorrow"


PAD Challenge Day 29: 4 x 4

Day 29: Write a metric poem.
4 x 4

By and by,
in your four by four,
we rode high, discussing
our lows through a million
of twitching sun rays
and dancing winds.

In the length of our words,
there was no attention deficit;
only uncontrollable
interests growing,
minutes per miles. D'ElegantOne

PAD Challenge Day 28: Bleu de Chanel & Lancome’s Miracle

Day 28: Write a poem about a smell.
Bleu de Chanel & Lancome’s Miracle
It makes no scents to be scented free without you. I love when you drown your wood into my heavenly bouquet of amber notes, freesia, and magnolia waves. With your sweet aromatic ways, you awake my floral arrangement to a full bloom. Together we rise without a smog for each another. Then we float, like clouds on cloud nine with loose rhythms; tracing the atmosphere with the best scented notes known by heart. From pore to pore, we engross excessively in the mist of love and irresistible poison. Every time we dispense ourselves, our skin savors these magical moments until our lips scream Oohh La La in between whiffs that we dreamed could last forever and a day.

PAD Challenge Day 27: Dawn and Dusk

Day 27: Use at least 3 of the following 6 words in your poem (using a word or two in your title is fine). For extra credit, try using all 6:
Pest Crack Ramble Hiccup Wince Festoon
Dawn and Dusk
Looking at the sunrise, without a wince or two,
I ignored the pest in the media.
I dressed my loose hair with a festoon
of sunflowers and baby’s breath,
and wrapped my skin with a coral
and turquoise maxi sundress.

Looking at the sunset,
it was time for you to authorize
yourself to rescue my hips that
played hiccups over your fine tunes,
for us to crack jokes
on each other and ramblethrough
our literature about the
world and our imperfect lives.


PAD Challenge Day 26: a fading love


PAD Challenge Day 25: "There, That's Love!" & Nah, That's Not Love!"

Day 25: Two prompts for Twosday: Prompt 1: Write a love poem. Prompt 2: Write an anti-love poem.

There, That’s Love!
That’s how hipped love is-
it’ll have you beat-boxing,
turning tables, battling rookies,
and legends from East to West,
Breakdancing your hips,
Free-styling black and proud
for the love of being black
in between gangster
slangs, cool ad-libs remixed
with conscious spoken
words over hardcore beats
to pumped fists in the air.

That’s what love does-
it’ll rock and roll you
into a new hall of fame.
Electrify your limbs,
make you twist and shout,
Rapunzel your hair,
have you standing in chairs
dancing on bars at bars with
bare skin and peace signs in the air.

That’s how love praise you-
it’ll have your souls humming
negro spirituals, chanting glory
and hallelujahs back to back,
whistling hymns, quoting scriptures
left to right by heart,
waking up bodily organs
with organs and tambourines,
holy dancing shackles off feet,
clapping and stomping away voodoo,
shouting “in the name of J…

PAD Challenge Day 24: Child of God


PAD Challenge Day 23: Last Love