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Food for Thought: For Those Hungry or Full

Food for Thought: For Those Hungry or Full
As a child, I spoke as a child until I became woman.
And once upon of time, my tongue could only hold Gerber food, but now
I can season and marinate souls and foods like both of my grandmothers
and mother.
See, apples really do not fall far from trees.
And the trees that harvest good food will not be disremember and
disrespected. As long as we breathe, grow and roll together on blues and greens, the tree
that sprouted this  “Good Apple” will not lack fertilization, water,
air, and the warmth from the sun and Son.

But I realize, every tree has broken and abused branches that do not
recognize nor understand the importance of restoration of the roots,
then or now.

See, help is only permissible to self.
Self-help will teach self-love.
Self-love will teach you how to offer love to others.

Hoping! Yes, hoping that the love distributed within our kinships will
spill over into our friendships just to keep the cycle of loving alive.
But, no!
For many,…