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Open Poem to My Grandmother Ruby

Open Poem for my Grandmother Ruby
I miss you.
I miss hearing your voice.
I miss your advice on men, cooking, and life.
I miss your prayers.
The sound of your voice when overjoyed
or when someone pisses you off.
And God knows,
they better not piss my Ruby off.

I miss your laughter.
I miss surprising you when I visit,
and you’ll buzz me in and meet
me halfway down the hallway.
And I just loved where you lived-
black businesses, jazz clubs, museums, and arts.
My best visit will always be my first.
We walked down 18th and vine, side by side,
enjoying being grandma and granddaughter alone
while looking at arts, listening to street jazz, and storytelling.
You told me everything I didn’t know
about you and dad—your youth,
your hardships, your failures,
your wrongdoings,
your good times and your sacrifices.
I love the love you had for
your grandchildren and sons.
You wanted a daughter, but you found
that in your Danielle and your Jessica.

I miss the openness and honesty we shared…