This Is Me, This Is Who I am

The girl that smiles at every sunrise,
Writes before and after every sunset,
Daydream under the moonlight,
And beyond all clouds and stars.

The girl who loves love,
Fear hate,
Thinks of the world first,
And herself last.

The girl who is stimulated by sweet rhymes between stanzas,
The lights of Paris,
The essence of Motherland
The accents of French and Arabic,
Different shades of purple,

Confident walking and intelligent gentlemen,
Fresh fragrances,
And White roses.

The girl who have love affairs with music,

Is engaged to nature,
Adore learning and observing art and photography
For an eye full of beauty
And a mental frame of
What life really is and looks like.

The girl who’s face reflects her Great-great grandmother’s,
Soul reflects her Nana’s,
Beauty and brains of her Mother’s,
And urban style and egoism of her Father’s

The girl who is extra plump
With a melodic voice,
And a phenomenal mind.
Soft on the outside
And hard on the inside
With a variety of sweetness.

The girl whose first loves were pen and paper
And believe that “Success” should have been her name,
Because she loves to overachieve.

The girl who caters to her wants and needs,
Doesn’t want to believe in failure,
Because its something she aims not to see.

The girl who puts “D” in Diva,
“A” in Authentic,
“N” in Nubian Queen,
“I” in Intelligent,
“E” in Elegant,
“L” in Love,
and another in Loyalty,
the “E” in Educated

Danielle: I am this girl
This is me
This is who I am
There is no one I rather be.

More likely,



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