The Intermission of Development: Butterfly Ways


I thought of putting it down forever. The ink. The lead. Forever. Forever, I thought about not writing again. But I can’t stop. It is my niche. A home beyond comfort and solitude. My first love. My passion. My high. My pride. My freedom. How can I let go when my heart and my mind goes on? And the good thoughts keep coming along until I run out of paper… Then I thought…I thought……..

I thought of how each word painted my essence. I thought of how each word spoke my mind out loud to the world, for the world to understand me as: A black woman. An African-American. A legacy. A sister. A daughter. A friend. A lover. A fighter. A teacher. A student. A leader. A survivor. A queen. A dreamer. These words made me into the woman I am today. They built me. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am phenomenal because of the ink, the lead, the paper, a million good thoughts, and the mentality my creator birth me with.

I've notice what I've became. And I am already acknowledging what I will become. Thanks for the beauty of nature and the distinctive of people. They are my inspiration for my words that linger in the air by my voice that lies between many lines. My emotions. My unknown. My intelligence. I thought of all these things that helped me speak with words by words. Then I began to spread my wings to fly off from the peak of my inspiration. Freely I fly. I fly free to express the inspiration in me.

"NOTHING and NO ONE stays the same...EVERYTHING the formation of a caterpillar to a butterfly...QUESTION beautiful is the CHANGE as the butterfly if it incorporate beauty at all? How come EVERYONE is changing? ALONE I'm left to be LOVED and LOVING...How can I CHANGE? Afraid to walk FROM love while scared to walk IN...guess my WINGS are my self-defense...freely I am..I am determined to fly FREE...time is not EVERLASTING...though its time to change ME..... "

I got my ink. I got my lead. I got a good thought. Now I need more paper to write my mind out…… be continued…. :-)




  1. "How can I let go when my heart and my mind goes on?" - I think this is the common struggle with writers. We couldn't stop if we wanted to... :) I like your style. Keep writing.


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