I'm A Growing Woman Intro

Welcome Readers,

It is not an easy transition into a grown woman from a girl. But I manage. I’m succeeding my womanhood, individuality, and essence to make the best of what I call “my life”.  Everything is everything. I am everything but a lot of things are not me.  No, I am not the most perfect person in the world but I know who is: God.  Sometimes I seem to think that I am too much of a woman. Why? Because I bare and yield all good fruit that humanity should feed from, but not all human beings aim for the fresh, sweet fruit. I have yet to find the match to my peach. I can live without the superficial, and only require what’s deeply real I’m no short talker, but more of a big dreamer. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I live by it; my words are heavily bonded to my heart…..

I’m much of a lover with a substantial heart--- a heart that is teaching me to be kind, patient, and loving all over again----every day. At times, I think I need a new one, because I love so deep.  But if I lose one, then where would the love be?

I consider myself strong. I am a fighter to the death of me. I never give up. I never forget. And I’m still learning to forgive……

I am true to my element: Fire.

I give off 7 flames:

 1) I LIGHT up your life and leave a glow

 2) I bring HEAT to warm up your soul

 3) I love to IGNITE your life with my thoughts

 4) I’ll leave you living LIVELY in love with your imagination

5) I can STIR up passion with an ample of love.

6) I’m able to eliminate dullness with my BRILLANCE.

 7) I TRANSPIRE love in everything I do.

Personally and contently, I find peace in prayer, along the beach, at parks and in the morning after I open my eyes and greet the sky.  Mistakes are my lessons, so I obtain no regrets. I appreciate life and everything in it and all those I share it with.  Not every day is luminous as the A.M sun for me, but the moment I take my 1st breathe in a new day: reminds me how short life can be.  So here I am: learning, growing into that woman I want to be. Now, lend me your eyes and grow with me. To be continued……..




  1. You are a beautiful growing woman. I am so proud of whho you are and who you will become. Continue to grow as tall as an evergreen and I will be behind you in very step step in your journey, cause that's what big sisters are for... :-)


  2. Finger snaps to galore . I love it!


    1. I'm glad you enjoy it... thank you very much for reading! :-)


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