PAD Challenge Day 30 (Two-for-Tuesday): "Alpha" & "Omega"

PAD Challenge Day 30 (Two-for-Tuesday:  Write a "The End" poem, and/or write a beginning poem.


I was seven when 
I first tasted poetry.
A bubbly, Southern girl 
with pigtails and a smile. 

From the tip to the back of 
my strawberry tongue, 
it became lemonade.
Water to my minor soul;
A major sweet 
crystalline to my heart.

Stirred me through 
boiling points to
refreshing seconds.
Taught me how to roll 
with the yellows and 
tarts times of life.


Don't tell me to end.
That's like telling me 
to break up with 
my bestfriends,
Paper and Pen.

And I don't know when 
my last poem will be.
I may die writing between 
the stanzas of one 
just for you to say 
"Rest in Poem", poet.



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