Toodles to 2022: What to Leave or Not to Leave?


Toodles to 2022: What to Leave or Not to Leave

As we approach the deadline of an existing year, we always hear, see it shared and shared again amongst the feed of our social media accounts or we may even wonder ourselves, “What are we leaving behind?”. So, I questioned myself, “What am I leaving behind in 2022?”. Hmm. With no scientific hypothesis or elongated deliberation, I’d say nothing and no one—only the 365 days and 8,760 hours that are impossible for me to relive.

I have my heart and mind, beautiful storage of collective memories, to recap the little pain and disappointments underneath over-weighted joy that the best of this life can bring. I have 1,901 Google photos, 230 videos and 8 new contacts to tell me the new and old places I’ve been, the new and old people I’ve seen and all the new things I’ve done. Countless invitations and a list of no’s, disregards and yes’s to jog my memory about my purpose and principles here on earth.

Deep down inside, I wanted to add my two qualms, but I offered myself time to chew them up by the end of 2022 because eventually regrets and doubts becomes a part of life’s evolution too. Everything is a lesson. All the failures, scars, misunderstandings, mistakes, critiques, blackballing, assumptions, pending, successes, approvals, repetitions, people, places, and things. All are lessons and the foundation to a new, thicker layer of skin and mental savagery. Psst! Stay a savage!

So, what was this year for me? What did it mean to me?

First, this year was about testing the borders of my fears. Recognizing what I really was afraid of can’t really hurt me. I did a lot of bucket list things. Shared some. Keep some to myself. Truth be told, I’m so proud of my damn self.

Secondly, this year was about exploring the remedies of grief. There is no cure for grief. There never will be. However, there is a plethora of therapeutic tactics that requires action. I revisited my father’s grave for the first time (This experience is another prose that will be in my next book). I’m more at peace knowing he’s at peace and that I made it back without his physical presence.

Lastly, this year was about understanding “well-being” through my own sickness and health. I started 2022 with COVID-19. I survived and each day I lived; I counted down to my 5th year of cancer survival. This here was my greatest accomplishment. Nothing beats it because COVID-19 and cancer can and has taken so many lives. To God, I thank you! You’re so worthy to be praised. I pray everyone discovers your works and witness your patience, love, and friendship. In DJ Khaled's voice, “You’re the best!”.

Therefore, 2022, I have no bridges to burn. Nothing and no one can be released without a balmy reminiscence. Thank you for the good, the bad, the ugly, laughter, tears, and most importantly, the memory bank invested.

Dear 2023, I’m coming to be a flame—an enhancer and kindler to another round of 365 days and 8,760 hours. I look forward to more personal and professional growth with you.

P.S. May love and hope carry you all through 2023. Happy New Year everyone!



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