PAD Challenge Day 30: Don't Be Surprised

PAD Challenge Day 30: Write a surprise poem.

Don't Be Surprised 

If the sun's full round face becomes a square 
in between patches of scattered clouds. 

If the moon no longer opens the night and 
the stars no longer dance around your head.

If the birds don't hold a tune 
and the caterpillars never cocoon. 

If the ocean doesn't wave and 
the trees don't stare back at you.

If the ones that loved you today, 
hate you tomorrow.

If the favorite voice you once heard
goes weak and can no longer speak.

If the lips you once french kissed, 
harvest a new passionate tongue of deceit.

If the arms that knit your heart close, 
cut your heartbeat thread loose.

If the one that was quick with a vital 
hello is the first to ghost you with no excuse.

If the one that painted a rainbow on your face, 
widely draws in the color blue to make you cry too.

If family becomes strangers and 
friends more like family.

If friends become lovers.

If you wake up alone, remember 
time is of the essence and 
you're life is the most beautiful surprise.



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