PAD Challenge Day 27: πŸŽ‚ Cake πŸŽ‚ and Eat It Too

PAD Challenge Day 27: Write an an anapodoton poem.

Cake and Eat It Too 

Life is not always berry sweet
full of confetti, rainbows 
and butteflies in our circle of life.
It can sprinkle unfortunate surprises.
We can receive lemons after lemons 
in a dark black forest of medley roses,
even when our hearts are red velvet.

Anywhere there's an Angel,
a Devil will try to cake up;
Get rich off your Godly confections.

Kind of ice cold to say,
Vanilla and Chocolate 
will never always have a fair 
share of what rises and pans out.

The entanglement of the swirl 
is just as incompatible and conflicting.
No matter the number of layers,
some will be handed corners,
others more centers of it all.

No matter how
small, medium or large;
Short or tall;
Buttercream is not always 
creme de la creme to us all.

But we must keep a glaze 
on God's miracle whips.
Keep whisking the 
ingredients of prayer 
and supplication to bake 
our special purposes on Earth.



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