Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part III

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part III

It has officially been 3 weeks since I began the 40 Days Personal Revival submitted anonymously. To me, each day birth a new constituent of virtue---some which I have consumed before or thought possibly tasting more of. Either way, I no longer question the welfare of my spirit. Not that we should, but hey others tend to do so! I believe it is much of your choice as it is mine to observe and be conscious of the soul underneath flesh. And by chance, know your exact level of fruitfulness and temptations whether it is chewed, leftover, or parceled. I am aware of soul selections and portions chosen to quench my hunger or thirst. Now, the central factor is how should each "bite or sip" be served? Daily. Nightly. In singles. In pairs. On time. On delay. And by whom?
Below are the latest lucky 7 action points/thoughts:

Day 11 (July 28th): Thank God for being faithful when you have been unfaithful.

Day 12 (July 29th): Read Matthew 18 in entirety. There is no revival without forgiveness.

Day 13 (July 30th): Ask God to help forgive yourself and others. Be specific. Be honest.

Day 14 (July 31st): Examine yourself. (At this point, I fully considered all of my actions, words, emotions, thoughts, and even habits). Aim towards righteous.

Day 15 (August 1st): Think. What are you putting before God? The pursuit of money or career? Do you love your dreams? Care for a better future? Is there a person you are putting before God? Do you have any idols?

Day 16 (August 2nd): Mediate on the words of God. If you don’t have a daily read, seek a routine of   your choice (verse to a chapter). Hold your Bible. Are you comfortable with it?

Day 17 (August 3rd): Spend 15 minutes of your day in silence with your eyes close. Speak from your heart with all thanks, request, and gratefulness.

Am I growing full?



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