Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part V

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part V

God knows I was thirsty to death, but the senses of my spirit never fail me. Forgiveness always pour a cool cup of love. I am no whole without one-fourth of: faith, joy, peace, and grace. And with these fluids of life--- I shall remain balanced and only concentrated in volumes of prayer minus the dilutions of destructions.

The newest action points/thoughts (Hint: “I” is still no longer allowed here. We know how to love. We just have to: Restore it.  Receive it. Relive it.):

Day 25 (August 11th): List the prodigals in your personal sphere. Are those close to you praying often? Try to find those that demonstrate God’s love in their daily lives.

Day 26 (August 12th): Take a moment to thank those that associate themselves with positivity around you, from your church and school communities to your family, friends, and co-workers. Do something special for them to show your appreciation.

Day 27 (August 13th): Read 1 Corinthians:12-14. Turn to Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-35. Notice all desires.

Day 28 (August 14th): Think about your community. Are you giving your time to help with outreach? If you are, what is the purpose behind your position? Are you seeing the results you expected? Which of your gifts and skills can benefit your community more?

Day 29 (August 15th): Who are you allowing to lead you? Are you walking in humility? Are you exhibiting love in its purest fashion? What are you doing with the gifts God provided you with? Or why are you neglecting your gifts?

Day 30 (August 16th): Think about the youth in your community. How are they being viewed? Are they teased or jeered? Honored or appreciated? Recognize your followers. Help lost children find their way. Remember: some sow seeds, others water them, and others reap the harvest.

Day 31 (August 17th): Do you honestly have the desire to love EVERYBODY regardless of how they live, look, or how different they are from you? Do you feel authentic love between your community, place of work, and/or family? Ask God to guide you in the direction of restoring love where it is lost.

Oh, what a filling of my spirit!
Did I eat or drink too much?



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