PAD Challenge Day 10: I Know Better

PAD Challenge Day 10: Take the phrase "(blank) Better," replace the blank with a new word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem.

I Know Better 

I'm not comfortable 
with echoing 
"hurt people hurt people"
because I've been hurt too.
Hurt badly like bruised fruit 
under scorching Fahrenheit 
summers by boiling blood 
and troubled waters.
Hurt so deeply, 
that it's a blessing 
that my skin has not 
vanished or turned 
its back on my 
own blackness.
My epidermis hasn't 
molded or become 
too soft to caress, 
too exhausted to heal
in my own hands 
or too dangerous 
to my own health.
It's good to know 
that my heart 
can still breed love 
and my mind can 
remember the sweetness 
over the bitter 
through it all with 
no indications of 
lifetime infections.
It's a miracle that love is
compressed beneath 
my thick skin and 
tendered bones.
All while hurt be 
only hurting me alone
because I know better 
than to hurt people 
the way they hurt me....



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