PAD Challenge Day 11: A Trip Down Memory Lane

PAD Challenge Day 11: Write a memory poem.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Along the path of your
temporary loneliness,
how would you remember me?
Call out my name like 
a parent in search of 
their lost beloved child.
Let every syllable ring 
off your tongue 
like the words 
from your favorite 
rhythm and blues.

If I became air, 
would you substitute 
my existence or
forever yearn for me?
If I welcomed a new age,
without your presence, 
would you celebrate my DOB, 
light a strawberry lemonade 
make a wish 
for my safe return?
Would you buy 
my favorite things, 
have them waiting patiently 
for my arrival?

If I left today 
and went 
far, far away 
becoming a 
to another nation, 
a best friend forever 
to a beautiful unknown sea,
What would you desire of me?
What would you 
remember about me?

Would it be how the sun 
rose in my pupils
Or how the moon 
tapped dance along my iris 
while in your arms?
How my lips borrowed 
poetry from yours?
Would it be my leftover 
Lancome's Miracle scent 
invading your skin?
The laugther out of my belly 
after your witty jokes..
Our shared early morning 
and late night prayers...
The peace and joy we 
engraved together between one heart...
Would it be the fire you erupt in me
Or the rivers that cry out from 
your entrance of me...
What layer of love would you indulge,
Play and replay,
Cast from the back of your mind 
until I'm back in your real time.



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