PAD Challenge Day 3: Rapsody

PAD Challenge Day 3: Write a musical act or artist poem.


Her birth name is Marlanna Evans.

She is The Idea of Beautiful.

The Beauty and the Beast of poetry over

the heartbeats of hip hop that roc nations.

I would call her the GOAT but it’s too clichΓ©.

Though she is Ali in a male dominate game.

The Black Mamba and really, really, She Got Game.

A true wonder woman along 9th wonder.

To her, hip hop is not just a commodity.

And when she said “culture is everything”

I can tell by the way she shared Laila’s Wisdom

That her love for the culture is not a monopoly.

You see it in her style.

You hear and distinctly see

the I’m black and I’m proud,

real loud in her soliloquies

and unapologetic philosophy.

Listen to her Eve,

black girl magic is no sin or mediocrity,

it always perseveres and prevails!

Grammy or no grammy,

I can respectfully call her,

Queen, because she fits the Crown

without exploitation and dumbing herself down.


“Read the bible way more than fairy tales. Thought I wouldn’t elevate I took the stairwell.” -Rapsody


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