PAD Challenge Day 19: Emotional Rollercoaster

PAD Challenge Day 19: Write an emotion poem.

Emotional Rollercoaster 

I woke up blushing yellow 
Spirit radiant as the sun
Expecting no clouds 
to shelter my head or heart
No melancholy tears to 
run marathons on my face 

By noon I ran into black
deep dark blues 
The kind of blues that 
automatically refresh
your own deep blues

Student A tells me 
that her sister was 
diagnosed with an 
aggressive form of cancer
Her mother passed 
from lung cancer
Before her sister 
starts treatment
her sister tells her
"this should be the end of me"...

Student B reveals 
that her aunt passed 
unexpectedly from 
the complications
of breast cancer last week...

I tell them both,
grief knows me too well
I ache from a series 
of familiar losses and
Cancer was no friend 
to me either
I lived with it
I lost a part of me
I fought back
I won 
here I am
with you 
for a reason

Clouds floated
over our heads and hearts
Rain ran a marathon over our faces
We passed hugs down like batons
Pain is the hurdle we all 
Hope to jump over and win big

I tell them
Out of the blue
With courage and rekindled joy
Don't let these blues 
Overly saturate...
Drown the very life out of you
keep your head above 
these trouble waters

You have to search your way 
out of the bad blues 
for the peaceful cool blues 
Let your love one's eternal life 
inspire you to live
be yellow before 
your own colors of 
life fade to black...



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