PAD Challenge Day 13: What It Feels Like... Living Black

PAD Challenge Day 13: Write a living poem

What it Feels Like...Living Black

I'm a gift from Africa/ 
a curse in America 

where I'm loved by the kindred/
hated by the Klan

Blessed by angels/
condemned by demons

Magical by culture/
copied by vultures

Born free but 
Skin feels hunting

Independent by choice/
colonized by force

Challenged with adversity/
swindle by greed

Amplified by inheritance/
underestimated by the arrogant

Admired by pupils of love/
envied by green eyes

Desirable by the honorable/ 
disadvantaged by the prejudice

Accepted partially/
denied by the majority 

Heard barely/
ignored widely

Seen by many/
unnoticed by a few

Mysterious from afar/
suspicious in close view


It is me verses everybody and everything 


I'm full of struggle and strive
A whole rhythm, flavor, style and vibe.


Still weary and wary

Sometimes worried and afraid 


I fight 


It's hard
It's tough
It's exhausting 

But everyday

I birth the courage of my ancestors 

Because everyday...

Black is beautiful,
no matter what people do or say...

Because everyday...
I'm just a color that I can't change.....



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