PAD Challenge Day 22: Down -to- Earth

PAD Challenge Day 22: Write an earth poem.


I was the kid that many told, 
"You've been here before....
"You're ahead of your time."

So, I was always inquisitive about 
the concept and content of my spirit.
I'm quite practical and comfortable 
with living outside of boxes.
Sufficient enough to move alone.
But knew when I needed an advance.
Always believed that it was 
imperative to know my own 
true colors as I disclosed them.
Free as the butteflies I admired 
and chased as a child.
Realistic about where I came 
from and how different it will 
always be compared to where 
my dreams would fly me.
Never wanting to be naive, 
seen or act as a dumb,
rude girl, with no sense of 
self worth or self assurance.
Friendly by nature 
because mean is
easy to attract too 
but more common and uglier. 
Relatable even if my 
mother's celestial love and 
upbringing didn't mirror yours. 
I understood that we all 
are chosen ones,
ones that could not choose 
the people, places and 
things in preparation of our births.
Allowed my open-mind to teach me 
that someone else's mishaps, 
mistakes and downfalls is my
preventive mechanism and
I shouldn't be too quick to judge 
because their life could 
have easily been mine.

After all of my revolutions 
around the sun,
I'm glad that I'm still 
down to earth, 
down enough to look up 
to another star while 
being the light to another one.



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