PAD Challenge Day 15: Middle East

PAD Challenge Day 15: Write a middle poem

Middle East

Breaking news everyday 
Breaks my heart to hear 
Al Jazeera says the same thing
Conflict in (blank)
War on (blank) and (blank)
Drones and missiles 
launched on (blank) by (blank)
Attack on (blank)
At least (blank) causalities
Total deaths in (blank) 
Civilians face (blank) and (blank)
Refugees require (blank)
(Blank) fears (blank)
(Blank) accountable for (blank)
Women and girls (blank) and (blank)
Babies (blank)
Mosques, homes, businesses (blank)
Rage and more rage between (blank)
Fires, amputations, and famine in (blank)
Strikes on aid in (blank)
Aid delayed in (blank)
(Blank) pledges to do (blank)
(Blank) will be responsible for (blank)
(Blank) accuses (blank) for (blank)
There is no (blank) here
Just people dying in the (blank)
Crying in the (blank)
Running from the (blank) to the (blank)
Hoping to find a little (blank) and more (blank)
While men in power debate about (blank)
I think about the lives 
destroyed and damaged 
How psychological and emotional 
traumatized the people are
by human powers that 
dehumanize humanity
Making peace and love 
look too large and expensive 
to fill in the blanks of
these conflicting times



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