PAD Challenge Day 16 (Two-for- Tuesday) "Hourglass" Hips and "Anti-Poetry"

PAD Challenge Day 16 (Two-for-Tuesday): Write a form or anti-poem.

Hourglass Hips

Stick out like stanzas 
Rhythm like jazz and hip-hop
Smooth as porcelain 

Anti- Poetry

I can't imagine life
This world without                      poetry
I'd be in a mute pose
I suppose 
If I couldn't prose
I oppose it all
When I indulge 
I want a sample of it all

                 All of its 

                 With density symbols and themes

If I could
                 in repetition 
I'd lift my voice 

Sing rhymes 
                 ad lib some onomatopoeias

Fertilize your mind 
                  with irony & imagery

Let your optics

         Grow through my alliterations & assonances

Break you off with a little enjabment

Make you smile like a simile

Dream that you were a metaphor 

              until you

Wake up with new rhythms you can't fight against 



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