PAD Challenge Day 29: Until Your Last Breath

PAD Challenge Day 29: Take the phrase "Until (blank)," replace the blank with a new word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem.

Until Your Last Breath

I'm glad I arrived in Missouri 
in time to talk to you.
Look into light brown eyes 
that look like mine just to
tell you I love you one last time. 
I'm more happier that I could show you.
Feed you one of your favorite meals 
like you use to feed me when I was a baby.
Watch the Heat beat the Cavaliers 
though we're both Lakers fans.
I'm glad you wanted to play Motown 
just for you to sing "My Girl" to me
because you'll never get the chance to give my 
hand in marriage to the love of my life.
You were my favorite girl dad. 
My male twin and bestfriend.
I'm glad you were the first man to 
ever love me the way you did.
I'm glad I made you a happy, proud Father.
I'm content that I fulfilled your living 
wishes before your death wishes too.
I'm glad I locked our promises in my heart.
I'm glad I stayed up at night,
lost sleep just to watch you sleep.
I was too scared to miss the last life of you.
I can tell you didn't want to leave me
the way you reached for me.
You always said no one will love me 
more than you and my momma
I'm glad I got to hold your hand 
one last time before you turned cold.
I'm happy I saw your last tear,
heard the death rattle in your throat 
until you took your last breath.



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