PAD Challenge Day 21: Apples Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

PAD Challenge Day 21: Write a trope poem.

Apples Doesn't Fall Too Far From the Tree

Since my youth I could sense it 
As I stemmed and branched out
I could really smell it by the roots
That the apples on my family tree 
We're not all spoiled
Rotten to the core 
Poor at fruiting other fruit 
Filled with fungus and worms...

Some are the apple of many eyes
true apples for apples 
Sweet as pie
Got the sauce
The juice The butter and the jam
A little cider and spice 
Depending on how you try to 
slice dice or peel back on the fam

Not all are apple turnovers 
pretending to be peachy
Immature and leachy
Good at playing apples to apples 
with their own branch
for the tree to stumble and crumble 

Now, how about these apples?

I'm one of the golden ones
that knows how to teach 
one to pick a good one.
Like the one we need a day
Love you to the core 
despite flawed roots 
because I'm a descent of the tree  
that many thought would fall
And I still stand by what 
my mother said, many years ago,
"It ain't always the leaning tree."



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