PAD Challenge Day 2 (two-for-Tuesday): Free 99 and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

PAD Challenge Day 2 (two-for-Tuesday): Write a happy poem and/or sad poem.

Free 99

Happy is shorter than happiness.
Does this means that it's easier and 
quicker to research and find
Like an item... a daily necessity 
Try it out..try it on...
for hidden fees
Unloosen my lips
For a smile to set itself free
After joy comes back around 
peeking at me 
because weeping at night
has kept me incognito 
In private browsers 
browsing every consonant and vowel
vowing to self 
that once I find happiness again 
I'll never lose it
I'll remain content 
in a constant state of happiness 
Only if I hold every syllable 
underneath my tongue
Spell it out quietly while
Hiding every letter
like a prayer 
so the devil can't recite it
Or play hangman and 
fill in the blanks of my feelings 
with fear that happiness 
ain't for me no matter 
how much authentic joy 
I dispense 
Set up to spin off 
every time and everyday 
I get to smile even 
if it's too much 
too bold 
or too wide
I'll naturally glow in my 
God's given sunkissed skin 
because it came with
No barcode 
No percentage off or 
BOGO during life's happy hours
No proof of purchase for internal joy
But it's worth showing off because 
being genuinely happy and
Responsible for keeping 
my internal light lit is 
the best form of self payment 
Of inner peace that I don't 
Want to have to wait 
to die for just to rest in it.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

I'm sad that I'll never 
know happy like I used to.
I'll never know 
what new memories of you 
would be like tomorrow 
because I'm surviving off 
the old memories without you today.

I'm sad that the world has 
gotten sadder too.
Some are breaking as I speak 
Others are still broken from last week.
Mourning is every morning and night.
There are no PTO or sick days off from grief.
Just a personal observance of loss.
I wish I could sell tears to the ocean
But can the world afford anymore blues?



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