PAD Challenge Day 4: Margin of Error

PAD Challenge Day 4: Write a mistake poem.

Margin of Error

Since I could 
spell woman
Define it 
Study it
Categorize it 
as I become...

I've been swimming in sampling pools.
Pools of cool waters.
Pools of lukewarm waters.
Pools of fires.

That's the life of this black woman.

A normal distribution 
of civil rights battles, 
consistent reports of inequities 
and inequalities,
televised and advertised,
for the whole majority to see.

Even with high standards deviated,
abnormal women empowerments, 
peace and security stayed a slope.

My high peaks 
and curves, 
still viewed 
tightly and close,
by the means of the Mean ones.....

In a pool of women and men,
what makes me any more different?

In a pool of blacks,
am I black enough?

In a pool of plus size,
did I fuck up the weight of the average?

In a pool of academics,
am I that intimidating?

In a pool of righteousness,
is a virtuous women that comical?

What is my true percent of error?
If I shrink my sample size
what is the probability that 
I'll survive 
in a world where a woman's value 
is precised in God's eyes
but a moot to men?

And don't forget to factor in...
The Blacks generational trauma
The little White lies
The head games played 
What I learned from books and living 
What I took as lessons in place of failures
How I calculated my blessings
How I loved when it wasn't reciprocated 
How I cared when I shouldn't have
How I nutured from my mother's instinct
How I fought fears with open hands 
How I dried my own tears without tissue 
How I was honey to wounds 
I didn't create
How rational I was 
when everything else 
appeared irrational and fake 
How I kept my confidence level,
at least 95% of the time 
when the world least expected me to....



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