PAD Challenge Day 12: I Wish I Could Rap

PAD Challenge Day 12: Write a funny poem.

I Wish I Could Rap

I wish I could rap.
I would be on Dreamville
because I am a
Dreamer from the 'Ville.
My name would be
something like Dr. DOC.
I'd be iconic like Run DMC.
An original and distinctive MC.
I'd drop rhymes like polka dots.
Have number one albums like Hov,
In different area codes like Luda.
With a flow like
Eminem and Notorious,
I'd be the new B.I.G.
And if you take shots,
I'll expeditiously split your W.I.G.
Spit lyrics like Pac, Nas, Lauryn, and Lupe.
Fashions styled by the college dropout Kanye
Storytelling slicker as Slick Rick's
Push positive images and narratives,
No pill popping or pushing bricks.
Catalog feature Rapsody, Missy and Badu
Hell, invite the whole 
"Ladies Night Remix"crew
We'll party, laugh and dance all day.
Charcuterie boards, champagne, and moet.
Truth is, can't you tell
I'm better at being a writer and a poet
At least my stanzas can show it
And I ain't a biter
Let my publishings speak for it.




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