PAD Challenge Day 26: Spring Equinox

PAD Challenge Day 26: Write a persona poem.

Spring Equinox 

After I succeed the coldest winters,
I change up everything. 
                             Like BOOM!
Have things rise up like the Prince of Peace.
Let my children born under the stars of Aries, 
Taurus, and Gemini parade around the sun again.
I even like to switch up my temps on you.
One minute I'm calm, collective and cool 
as a bell or hot like a Carolina Reaper.
I bring all the bees and butteflies to the yard.

I may even let you fly a kite under my
sheet of clouds and mild winds.
I always increase your daytime 
for you to stay under the sun longer with me.
I pay for your trees' new clothes
and scents like honeysuckle
and cherry blossom.
I send Bluejays and hummingbirds 
to sit beside your windows to
to sing you morning hymns.
If April cries, it's always 
rivers until all of May's flowers 
                              Like BOOM!
Bloom and more bloom overnight.
Letting my pollen count 
cancel some of you out.
I may even give you a
spring break. 
A week or two away.
One where you let
your hair down, 
frolick along a shoreline 
until you come back again
for summer summertime.



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