PAD Challenge Day 25: The Sole of My Soul

PAD Challenge Day 25: Write a homonym poem.

The Sole of My Soul

Here I am depending on
Every living cell of me to 
keep the sole of my soul alive
You better love me genuinely now
Touch me gracefully beyond your hands
Before our seconds becomes minutes 
and hours become days for the last time

Don't you know,
I'm like the day and time 
in a year anyway
Coming and going
Never coming back again
Once in a lifetime 
until my spirit flies me away
I disappear
Leaving my deep bronze color 
for a darker hue
Trading my smooth curves 
and tough skin for a boney blueprint 
different from the shell I was born in

Adore my songs, fiction, prose and poems
Record my motions and emotions 
because once I'm gone I'm gone
I'll only cross your mind  
probably a hundred to a thousand times
No longer available to share a piece of mine 
I'll feel no pain cry no tears or laugh with you
Plant a shoulder or hold up an ear to you
For you to lay down your burdens 
and lock in your secrets 

So love me now
Widely and proudly
Make me feel it
Deeply and intentionally 
Never question or wonder 
should I believe 
That you are truly and solely 
for the soul of me.



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