PAD Challenge Day 23 (two for Tuesday): "Beat of the Heart" and "Heart of the City"

PAD Challenge Day 23 (two for Tuesday): Write a "(blank) of the Heart" poem and/or "Heart of the (blank)" poem.

Beat of the Heart

If I hear that lub
dub dub over and over 
Again--it's a win

Heart of the City

I'm 'bout to believe Bobby Bland
Stand firm on what he 
said on the "Dreamer" album
And I wasn't even alive in 1974 
when he said what he said 
"Ain't No Love in the Heart of The City"

50 years later it's like love really is dead
No heart and soul of its own
Just baggage, blues and struggle 
Gon' ahead 
Ask around
All the people in town 


Look around
Down and up 
then back around again
Make sure somebody 
can see you looking
Searching for it
Try your left 
Turn to my right 

I tricked ya-
Had you looking twice!

Don't it seems
Everything wrong seems so right


Across the street
on the ground
Only place a colored chalked
heart resembling love can be found 
Cause "Ain't No Love in the Heart the City"

Not even downtown by 
5 Point, Cecy's or 21c galleries 
Not behind the doors or down 
marble halls of millionaires 
Not in the middle of Midtown's 
shoppes and bars 
Nor the dehydrated hand
full of only 5 pennies
Gon' Ask 'em
if they got love or seen any?


Guess what my dear?
I don't even think its down 
by the riverside or countryside either
It ain't in even in the wind 
Or up against a loser for a quick win
Love so light and dry
Can't even feel it on the skin

Don't worry
It ain't on the ballot either
And if we have to pay for it
It wouldn't be tax free
Cause aint no love in the 
heart of the city



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