PAD Challenge Day 9 (two-for-Tuesday): "Love" and " jealous & wicked"

PAD Challenge Day 2 (two-for-Tuesday): Write a love poem and/or anti-love poem.


In the morning,
mid afternoon,
and even late 
at night,
our love 
is eros, 

I pray it 
remains agape,
and pragma 
for philautia,
through storge;
never growing 
mania for
You and I.

jealous & wicked

Lately, I've being trying 
to avoid, straight up dodge 
jealous and wicked people.
People disguised as 
angels and friends.
The Mean Girls and Rude Boys.
The low key, green with envy 
type of gravitational energy.
Never happy. Never satisfied. Never optimistic.
Always complaining. Always miserable. Always delinquent.
Out of control and out of light.
No joy. No peace. No gratitude.
Low self esteem. Low confidence. Low security.
Worried more about other's affairs and home rather than their own.
No goals. No dreams. No ambition. 
Just intentionally spoiling happiness sad.
No faith. No hope. No belief.
Don't know what a friend is, 
how to make one or keep one.
Just use, delete then done.
No solutions. No resolutions.
Just a critical problem that creates more chaotic problems.
Full of gossip. Full of shit. Full of nonsense. 
Not like-minded or spiritually connected.
Nasty behaviors. Nasty attitudes. Nasty glares.
Wake up mad. 
Sleep mad.
For no reason....
Just a negative integer with no value.



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