PAD Challenge Day 28: Death in Tolls

PAD Challenge Day 28: Write a death poem.

Death in Tolls

Slowly love is dying, 
not by the four letters 
of its alphabets but by 
the lack of definition and sense.
People are living in perilous 
rotations of survival mode where 
love is no longer a desideratum.
Family trees are splitting after 
strong roots dies. 
Millions of hearts are vacant.
Hatred and jealousy are relocating
to a new chamber of the heart 
everyday without oxygen to assist 
and advance the blood flood.
Humanity is facing a flat line too 
while the vitals of vile and evil run 
extra high and parallel rapidly.
Since we can't read minds, 
please take some time,
read the commentary as you stroll
the threads of your so called socials.
Listen quietly to what is being said 
when said in your presence.
Don't forget all bodies can 
speak too without words.
Can't you see?
Unity in community is dying.
Respect is dying. Patience is dying.
It's Them vs. Us.  
Your kin and maybe another friend vs. You.
Tenderness is no longer tender. 
It is a tender payment in blood.
War is the world's greatest muse.
Inspiration is barely inspiring.
It's slowly expiring.
And if you have peace,
gon' and hide it now 
in the crevices of your 
mind, body, and soul
so no man can middle finger it. 
'Gon baptize it, 
mark it holy from the demonic.
And when you safely
return home, please
smile big and wide 
'cause nobody can question it 
or try to erase it now.
I swear .....
and my momma told me that
I'm not suppose to swear though.
But when I was a child 
I can't recall this many children dying 
from bullets wounds, 
empty stomachs, suicide, 
the impact of an enemy's missile, and
dope that ain't really dope...
And we still think this gift of life 
is all a joke until death comes in tolls...



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