PAD Challenge Day 1: Chain of Fools

Welcome April. Welcome National Poetry Month. Welcome readers. Welcome poets. Welcome back to PAD (Poem-A-Day)! Let's go! 

PAD Challenge Day 1: Write a foolish poem. 

Chain of Fools 

In today's world,

on today's time,

I'm a fool. 

Yous a fool.

We're all fools 

to believe that our lives

are not being bamboozled 

into a game of musical chairs.


who will be the next one 

taken out before the music ends?

We're so distracted by

the whimsical tune 

in heavy rotation 

on the channel news 

that makes it feel like

its more than okay to play

when it's not fairly okay.

Then again,

maybe it is okay 

because it wasn't 

their familiar blood 

soaking, staining 

square footages until their

ancestral enzymes 

were broken down by 

base enzymes and 

mopped up just to make the 

laminated floors 

look pretty and smooth 

like life didn't live there; 

and death just 

humbly and accidentally 

found its way outliving 

the lives innocently taken.

And the hearts 

of the love ones, 

missing the one 

gunned down, 

are the only hearts

that will wear the 

stains of pain forever 

with no rest in their pulse 

because they will never 

know peace again.

Once again, 

the world has left its 

third eye opened 

for us to know that 

peace doesn't really come 

with an offering or a sign 

and its never really 

born out of a lily.

They'll never know peace again-

no matter how many breaths 

they'll take out of their own mouth.

No matter how many 

prayers they'll pray, 

within mind or in mid air,

because the world's 

thoughts and prayers 

are becoming overrated.

They are not as loud 

or louder than this eerie sound of life,

desperately crying to be saved.

They are not solid, 

more like basic and hell-bent.

And saving our selves 

feels like the new normal

where even the Pentagon

can't save our itty bitty 

circles of life because 

today's today is more focused 

on a range of numbers,

with a peso sign in front 

and a few commas behind,

more than a set of characters 

we call family, lovers, and friends.

So, how many more will 

have to die for this game to end?



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