PAD Challenge Day 5: Black Girls in the News

PAD Challenge Day 5: Write a noun in location poem.

Black Girls in the News

Dear Black Girls in the News,

I only tune into the news,
scroll the feeds just to 
see what they’ll call 
you next after  
witnessing you being 
unapologetically yourself.

'Cause I may be next.
'Cause I can be next.
And because of my darker hue,
I am a reflection of you.

So, I sit like all the other 
typical angry, mad black women
mad for more than one
out of a thousand reasons, 
with tears in my eyes,
as they dress a fancy noose 
around your neck, 
pull you high enough to 
knock off your crown,
make a name out of 
your name to
keep you down.

Uphold and paint 
more negative images 
of you across the world 
than a roll of plastic film 
and yourself.

So negatively protrayed,
that they, them, and 
all that envy you
are afraid to
walk by you, 
look at you, 
acknowledge you, 
collaborate with you, 
serve you, 
compensate you fairly,
respect you, 
honor you, 
love you as is,
and congratulate
you on winning after
overly dedicating yourself 
to benefit their dividends 
because statistically 
and realistically,
they are more 
happy for and appreciative 
of you when you're 
losing your mind, 
losing your identity, 
losing your self-respect, 
losing your pride, 
and losing your life.

Just know, 
I know.

I'm reading the 
to comprehend. 

I'm learning the 
channels to 
remain aware. 

I'm studying the
selective outrage 
to be prepared.

All while 
still standing 
with you because 
its in our DNA to not 
fold, as it fold,
 to show how
damn magical we are 
when rocking over the
holes set up for us to fall



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