PAD Challenge Day 3: Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi)

 PAD Challenge Day 3: Write a connection poem. 

Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi)

It's only been months 

since you and I 


to this reliable and 

reasonable friendship,

with no expectations

and strings attached. 

For the first time, 

in this world wide web 

of superficial and charades, 

I feel confident enough 

to have the unlimited dreams 

that I’ve been having about 

what a family picture would 

look like in print with someone like you, 

outside of this range of

private owned LAN, 

Lovers Accessible Network 

of fidelity, authorized by us for us 

because the potentiality 

of this bandwidth 

never goes a day without 

clear communication. 

And the permission slips

that you and I consent to, 

just to be available for each other, 

are priceless and precious. 

So, the next time you 

send me an “I Love You” 

or say it to my face again.

I’ll say it too,

and mean it. 

I’ll also say:

I love how we’re so passed 

sharing passwords 

just to see if we’re 

the only two connected.

And that the old poor signals 

that kept us apart are 

gone forever,

but I hope we are. 

Because I’m more in love 

with how we commit to what 

we set-up and sign-up for 

without notifications or modifying 

our settings for third party applications 

just to remind us 

or define what we were before, 

what we are now 

and what we'll

become in the future. 

When we already know 

there will be hours 

of hell and heaven, 

quiet storms and thunderstorms 

to test our strength 

and all we have to do is 

remain strong, 

within and out of range,

on the days and nights 

when the world will likely 

want us to fall off the grid, 

be unlikely aligned, 

unloving and unprotected 

towards each other. 

After all, this connection 

is about us anyway. 

It's about how deeply we stay 

connected to God together, 

even when our signals and frequencies 

are mixed or grow weak, 

and our hotspots turn cold 

but we remain connected through 

the characteristics of love in our hearts, 

the symbols of our souls,

and the number of times 

we cross each other’s minds. 



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