PAD Challenge Day 19: Taste Buds

PAD Challenge Day 19: Write a taste poem.

Taste Buds

Since the first time we've met, 
I've daydreamed about the 
flavors you would offer my palate. 

Would you be a double rainbow 
or a single layer? 

How long will your sweetness last? 

If I made you wait to sample my brown zucar, would it be permanently or temporarily?

Would you grow sour, 
season me with salt to 
alter my texture of love 
and enhance my systolic? 

Samples later,
here we are, 
devoted taste buds 
at tables for two.

Persevered and reserved 
for only you and I.

You are umami to me;
Generous at serving and
deliciously well done.

At the center of my tongue, 
your full name marinates and
the subtle leftovers that make you
are extracted from your appetizing lips.

Your entrΓ©e of love 
repeatedly fills me up,
over and over again, without 
upsetting my stomach, 
effectuating heartburn 
or regurgitation.

And the sweetest part 
of you is your heart 
that I refuse to dice, 
set aside or ever think 
to desert for another 
unfamiliar flavour. 



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