PAD Challenge Day 10: How Do WE Fight


PAD Challenge Day 10: Write a how (blank) poem.

How Do WE Fight

“Just as hate knows love’s the cure. You rest your mind assure”.

                                                                            -Stevie Wonder

If love has a cure,

why are we still fighting hatred and corruption?

Did we miss out on it?

Did it come as a pill that’s hard to swallow?

Are we too short by a day or a dolla?

Did it come as a patch that itch?

Maybe a small pack of syringes—not  enuff for

everybody to get a little prick?

‘Cause so many are sick with this shit.

More are sick and tired of fighting this shit.


So, how do WE fight them?

Beat them black and blue until they have life no ‘mo

‘cause from the size of humanity

Love is almost at zero.

Peace is almost always a no show.

They are barely here.

They are barely there.

They barely even care.

They are barely even clear.

To see…


And be…

Not just for me

Fo’ you and yours too!

Yo’ kin, neighbors, and friends!

All colors, shapes, sizes, and ages

of men, women, and children!

Hared and corruption is uproar!

Straight rising


Going viral like a plague on                                        TOUR

Raising...selling pure hell

Burning lands from Nation to Nation

Bribing minds and souls from stations to Stations

Poisoning feeds of all feeds

Stealing every want over needs

All around

It is going                                                                    DOWN… Down… down

Your block my block

From the chambers of hearts to

the chambers of commerce

to the chambers of smoking guns.


So, how do we fight

to stay

UP. Up. up

After our bodies go weak

After our souls are no longer meek

And our voices are slow to speak

How do we fight to keep


love peace and humanity






Circa 2017 Washington, DC



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