PAD Challenge Day 18: Organic Chemistry

PAD Challenge Day 18: Write a love and/or anti-love poem.

Organic Chemistry

You are the only beautiful living thing to me;
Pure compounds of kinetic and potential energy.

A king heart of 24 karats gold.
When everyone else consistently fold,
you’re meteoric to picture the silver lining unfold.

When life is not fair
and I feel slightly winded,
you revitalize revolutions
of extra O2 in the air.

You’re polar to this world;
weight more valuable than
a black diamond and pearl to this girl.

Full of alpha, beta, and gamma rays.
Every time I look into your eyes,
I'm electrified and amazed.

When I orbit you,
I’m a whole new molecule;
positively charged by
the neutral things you impartially do.

The structure of this love is a composition
that can't be carbon copied for commission.

The single bond we gathered from two,
with a strong love like this,
there's no man-made element that can break through.



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