PAD Challenge Day 28: You Are

PAD Challenge Day 28: Write a"You Are (Blank)" poem.

You Are

If you have,
Tell me--
How did it sound?
Was it like only 
God's angels were around?
Did it make saltwater 
swell in your eyes?

What did it feel like?
Did your skin get goosebumps?
Did your body catch 
the chills or a fever?

Was it like your favorite 
love song recited to the 
beat of your heart?

Did you want to rewind,
keep it on repeat
or play it back 
from the start?

Was it like a poem,
an ode or ballad in the
shape of a heart?

Was it like a dream 
you wanted to stay asleep in?

Was it like a mother's first kiss?
Did you believe in the  
eight syllables of it?

Did it make you feel like 
you were on cloud ten?
Once you heard it, 
did you want to hear it again?

Tell me,
What was it like to hear, 
you are the only one for me?



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