PAD Challenge Day 9: One Thru 10

PAD Challenge Day 9: Write a number poem.

One Thru 10

I love being one 
on one with you
before and after, 
you spread my 
lower limbs,
split my lady 
flower by two.

Everytime is like 
the first time and 
you take your time 
everytime like this time 
is your last time you'll 
be my personal genie, 
serving three rounds
of intimate wishes.

I never want
you to stop 
inserting the
key that lodges 
yourself into my
halcyon walls of
warmth, comfort, 
and embrace 4 ever,
even after I lose all 
five of my senses...

The sight of your eyes 
locked in mine.

The taste of your 
spearmint tongue.

The touch of your 
velvet hands.

The smell of your 
Guilty Pleasure 
blending in 
with my Coco.

The harmonic 
and melodic 
sounds that our 
bodies generate
between six and nine.

Or the way your 
seven rest along 
my figure eight
after a perfect ten
of coloring love 
between us 
once again.




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